ProART Festival 2016

Brno 26. 6. - 3. 7. / 17. - 22. 7.

Praha 7. - 10. 7.

Valtice 24. - 28. 7.

XIII. International Workshop Festival of Dance, Acting, Singing, Photography and other Arts

proart2016_vienna_01_HR Photo: Martin Babic

Festival theme: "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players..." W. Shakespeare

Festival consists of two parts. The first one are art workshops in the disciplines such as: dance, acting, singing and photography, newly also piano, guitar, drawing and creative writing. Courses are not only for professionals but for the general public as well. They take place throughout the day and they are graded according to difficulty so that each participant can combine his daily schedule by himself.

The second part of the festival is an evening programme that presents all teachers - active artists - in pieces from their repertoire and also invites other guests with their concert, dance and theater performances.

Workshop schedules (click on):

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Teachers and artistic genres:

Martin Dvořák (CZ/AT) - evening yoga, contemporary dance for beginners and for schools

Henrik Kaalund (DK/DE) - contemporary

Ida Kelarová (CZ) - singing - vocal workshop

Martin Reiner (CZ)creative writing

Aleš Slanina (CZ)singing - pop and musical

Leonie Wahl (CH/AT) - dance improvisation

Irene Bauer (AT) - Pilates, physical warm-up for singers

Brigitte Fassbaender (DE) - Opera masterclass

Martin Dvořák (CZ/AT) - yoga

Henrik Kaalund (DK/DE) - contemporary

Eduard Klezla (CZ) - singing - pop and musical

Pascal Merighi (FR/DE) - creative dance workshop

Martin Šandera (CZ) - photoworkshop

Hana Zanin (CZ/AT)dance with and without handicap

Veronika Žilková (CZ) - acting

Irene Bauer (AT) - Pilates

Martin Dvořák (CZ/AT) - yoga

Leonie Wahl (CH/AT) - contemporary modern

Vladislav Benito Šoltýs (SK) - dance theatre, contemporary floorwork

Hygin Delimat (PL/AT) - creative dance workshop

Tomas Danielis (SK/AT) - creative dance workshop

Olaf Reinecke (DE)Baerbel Stenzenberger (DE) - creative dance workshop

Richard Pohl (CZ) - piano

Marek Procházka (CZ) - photography

Sara Venclovská (CZ) - acting

  • Valtice 24. - 28. 7.  "Shakespeare: 400" More HERE

Irene Bauer (AT)Martin Dvořák (CZ/AT)Olaf Reinecke (DE)Baerbel Stenzenberger (DE) - dance workshop Shakespeare: 400

Štěpán Pácl (CZ) - acting workshop Shakespeare: 400

Kateřina Beranová (CZ/AT) - opera workshop Shakespeare: 400