Leonie Wahl

_DSC7740.neuLEONIE WAHL studied dance at the University for Music and Dance in Mannheim and at the Rotterdamse Dansacademie. She has been living in Vienna since 2001 and since then has worked as a dancer and co-choreographer for Elio Gervasi. The company has created numerous 
productions, which have been shown at home and abroad. In addition she has worked as a dancer for Leine & Roebana, Milli Bitterli, Catherine Guerin, Chris Haring, the artist Frans Malschaert, the director Hanspeter Horner and Netzzeit!. In 2007 Elio Gervasi created the full-length solo Exit 2-4-1 for her. In 2012 she founded Organic Revolt. She created WITHIN WASTE ( 2012) in Raum 33 and IDEM in Bleiburg, Lange Nacht des Tanzes (2013). As a guest teacher, she has given contemporary dance workshops at the Vienna Conservatory, Österreich Tanzt Festival St. Pölten (2011) and in Tanzquartier Wien.

As a long-standing member of the Gervasi dance company Leonie Wahl has had the opportunity to acquire a great deal of dancing experience and to develop her individual movement quality. 
Her workshop centres on the joy of expressing through dancing! Here the focus is on conveying own material, in which dancers are challenged to find and develop their own style within the structure. In order to get into the flow of movement Leonie starts with exercises to sharpen the senses. Here the emphasis is on concentration, building strength, finding the relaxation, repetition and learning by doing as the main methods. The observation of breath as a key tool to prepare the body and the voice for the creative exploration. The movement research basically has an organic approach and assumes the role of narrative, has a predominantly individual to dynamic character, is energetic to fragile, rich in content-based gestures that express the subconscious moods. In the foreground is the human being, or rather the human and its motivation to move. Human as an individual, influenced by the present in relation to the surrounding.

ProART Festival 2018

Valtice 23. - 28. 7.

Dance creative workshop with theme: Arts for freedom_Freedom for arts..!


Contemporary Modern

As a long-standing member of the Gervasi dance company i had the opportunity to acquire a great deal of dancing experience and to develop my individual movement quality. This class combines a variety of techniques with the aim of bringing the body to a dynamic level in an efficient manner. We start with elements of release, floor-work, to focus the attention to the sense of gravity and alignement. We make exercises to strenghten the center as well to organise the body towards a organic physicality. As we leave the ground the class is focused to move generously in the space. The exercises are fluent unite together and topped off with the study of a dynamic fraze from my repertory.


The first part of this workshop focuses on the awareness of the individual physicality and expression: moving freely we develop the physical intelligence, movement quality and instinct,  emphasize our own strengths, expand the boundaries keeping an eye for our environment. The second part, in turn, supports the process to develop own movement material.
We dive into a creative process with great passion, are guided by the subconscious moods, strengthen the courage for the New, the spontaneous inventiveness and form our own movement character. What interests me currently is the exchange and exposure of vulnerability, including the possibility of failure. The courage to reveal more ....