Civil association ProART

vila-5331 Photo: Kuba Jíra


ProART civil association is lead by a three member team – director, dancer and choreographer Martin Dvořák, manager and dancer Alena Pajasová and their production team.

ProART activities may be divided into 3 directions:

History ProART

ProART civil association was created as an attempt to further actively develop the idea of Tanec Terezín, which we successfully started in July 2004 in Prague (Tanec Terezín v Praze). After the opening of the "Gabriel Lion 2004" project in Terezín it was decided that the festival had to be relocated for technical reasons. The impossibility to spiritually return to colonial facilities of contemporary art (M.E.C.C.A.) at Terezín provoked our desire to try again and not give up. As in Gabriel Lion, where we interpreted the theme of holocaust according to Frank’s model – strong will to survive is the engine for us as well.

Philosophy ProART

Our main philosophy is an integration of the diverse theatre genres into one complex, breaking boarders between individual art segments and artists. Dancer being interested in acting, singer in dancing seems to be quite a challenge even in today’s world. Continual increase in the interpretation quality and competition in the theatre world exposes all artists to meet higher demands and requirements in their technical, intellectual and spiritual qualities and skills. ProART objective is training of multi-skilled theatre artist of a broad expression range and above genre skills. Taking a look from the opposite angle it is our motivation to bring the work of modern and contemporary dancers and international choreographers to the high level Czech laic public. That is to teach them to perceive the dance differently than from the conservative ballet audience point of view or - on the contrary - the technical and intellectual dance public.

Annual reports for download:

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Annual report for 2016 - Vyrocni Zprava ProART 2016 Rozvaha ProART 2016 Výsledovka ProART 2016

Annual report for 2015 - VyrocniZpravaProART2015 Rozvaha ProART 2015 Výsledovka ProART 2015

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ProART- USPUD_emoticon (Marek Procházka) Photo: Marek Procházka

ProART photographers:

Martin Babic

Štefan Janečka

Jana Jano

Kuba Jíra

Paul Leclaire

Maria and Richard Kirchner

Ladislav Polák

Marek Procházka

Roman Sejkot

Martin Šandera

Mila Vašíčková

Karel Vlček

Jan Vrba