ProART Company

Professional dance-theatre company in the production of ProART

vila-5173 Photo: Kuba Jíra (Poets of the City)

ProART Company focuses on finding common ways for dance and theater, or singing respectively, trying to create contemporary dance-theater performances which are multilayered, not superficial and at the same time comprehensible for a wider audience. The company´s style can be described as neoclassically-modern-contemporary. The work of ProART Company comprises more than 25 feature projects and evenings composed of shorter choreographies. In addition to the main creation of Martin Dvořák, ProART Company has already worked under 20 foreign choreographers. All its projects have reached a total of more than 350 performances.

History of ProART Company can be dated back to May 2005 when the first project—based on the Joseph Heller story—“I don’t love you anymore…“ was launched. We should not however forget the very first project by the creation team Dvořák-Pajasová —“Gabriel Lion 2004“ which triggered the multigenre workshop-festival Tanec Terezín, later called ProART Festival, and the entire philosophy and creative activity of ProART civil association.

ProART Company´s creation is typical for the usage of classical music, being multigenre and trying to find new expressions and concepts for already existing musical or literary works. The company gives guest performances mainly in Germany, Austria, the Slovak Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Israel, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, France, South Korea, Malta, England and Kenia.

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Individual projects between 2004-2016:

  • Meeting in the Glassroom
  • Cadenza - Pilgrim Song - Fratres
  • W. S. Sonnets
  • SPACES II. Bits and Pieces

Present artists (2015-16):

Irene Bauer

Jan Březina

Martin Dvořák

Tobias Greenhalgh

František Chaloupka

Zdenek Konvalina

Marcin Koziel

Lukáš Lepold

Tereza Lepold Vejsadová

Alena Pajasová

Mirka Prokešová

Omar Rojas Ruiz

Olaf Reinecke

Kamila Valůšková

Kostiantyn Tyshko

Artists (in the past):

Kateřina Benešová, Kateřina Beranová, Lenka Kolářová, Petr Kolář, Katka Malá, Aneta Majerová, Michal Matěj, Petr Nebřenský, Petra Padriánová, Aleš Slanina, Marek Svobodník, Anna Štěrbová, Richard Pohl, Jana Ryšlavá, Lenka Růžičková, Robin Sobek and musicians of live music

Choreographers (2004-2016):

Nikolas Adler (A), Irene Bauer (A), Jan Březina (CZ), Felix Dumeril (CH), Martin Dvořák (CZ/A), Nir Ben Gal (IL), Eran Gisin (IL), Erick Guillard (F), Kaori Ito (JAP), Jelena Ivanovič (D), Henrik Kaalund (DK/D), Eva Klimáčková (SK/F), Vangelis Legakis (GR), Isira Makuloluwe (CL/UK), Jeongho Nam (KOR), Neil Paris (UK), Vladislav Benito Šoltýs (SK), Bärbel Stenzenberger (D), Leonie Wahl (CH/A), Gabriel Wong (MAL/D)

International touring:

Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Israel, Poland, Hungary, Italy, South Korea, Malta, France, Kenia, England

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Foto: Marek Procházka + Martin Šandera + Martin Babic