ProART Company and Phase Zero Productions Creation 2017

Czech-German Contemporary Dance Project

Choreography and dance: Martin Dvořák, Lukáš Lepold, Tine Schmidt and Morgan Reid


First presentations: 30. 6. - Liberec, Lázně and 18. 7. - Brno, CED

21. 9. PILSEN, Moving Station Tickets HERE

22. + 23. 9. BRNO, CED Tickets HERE

26. + 27. 9. DRESDEN, Projekttheater

11. 11. LINZ, Lange Nacht - Lentos Museum - Oneness_CZ_Duett

28. 11. LIBEREC, Lázně


13. + 14. 4. Vienna - Off Theater - Oneness_CZ (duett)

10. 7. Ladek-Zdroj, Poland - Oneness_CZ (duett)

9. 11. Budapest, DEPO - Oneness_CZ (duett)


History is being made in every moment. After the blink of an eye, a moment finds it’s way into the past. Can we be aware of this passage of time. The dance production Oneness is an exploration of this process in the here and the now. Our physical and psychological connection to this phenomenon is explored between two dance companies, one from Czech and one from Germany. Phase-Zero Productions and ProART will meet after their initial creative processes, each creating a short work about the topic. Their unique interpretation, the impressions from both perspectives and living environments will give us an exciting exchange in the form of a collective work. The public gets to observe this pendulum process between mindful awareness and fluid movements. What emerges are moments of absolute presence, a feeling of connection between a moment in time, in a place whether it can be in Czech or Germany - Oneness.

KRITIK 15. 4. 2018

20180413_01620180413_03020180413_03720180413_050Foto: Günter Macho

Project is created with financial support:

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19727211_10155562704574479_1229650846_oPhoto: Mila Vašíčková