BAROCKO - In the Men´s Arms


Czech - German - Austrian project of the dancing theatre and baroque opera about the forms of love in the course of the centuries.

Music: G. F. Händel, A. Vivaldi, J. S. Bach, G. P. Telemann, A. Marcello
Direction and choreography: Martin Dvořák
Performing: Irene Bauer, Kateřina Beranová, Martin Dvořák, Andrea Ille, Lenka a Petr Kolářovi, Kateřina Malá, Alena Pajasová, Mirka Prokešová, Markéta Tichá, Richard Žemlička
Costume designer: Lucie Loosová

"Who said you were a female? Such a nonsense. Death shall have your eyes, on your chest I shall rest my head, on your shoulders I shall put my hands. It must be you on the opposite bank, distance between us lessens, soon it shall disappear. Let´s dance. Shall we? ? I come to you, and you shall embrace me. Ach, embrace me closely, capture me, very well, yes, so well it is in the men´s arms."

Forms of emotions and relationships have radically changed during the human evolution. Limits of the possible have been moved, and terms such physical, spiritual, marital, lover´s, sacred, erotic began penetrating into the game of love and its definition. There is much more that remains hidden behind the word "love" - infidelity, affair, flirt, sex, porno? We, however, found our inspiration in the time of baroque, when the symbolization and conception of love and agony stood side by side in the clearest and deepest form. It is not a coincidence that at the beginning of the 21st century Baroque faces its great renaissance.

A style where tension exists between the lust and the agony - two marginal states that stand side by side in baroque and that could illustrate even feelings of a today´s human being. Baroque lifestyle oscillated between the randy and self-denial. It was only natural to a human, who was able to express a wide range of feelings and had a lot of faces. A "multi proportional" human, a human of profound soul and spread as a face wall of a dynamic baroque church... A piece of French writer Camille Laurens, who literally quests the realistic form and understanding of the meaning of love in life of today´s human being, will serve us as a counterpart and a symbol of the present. Let´s get captivated, controlled, formed by the baroque, as a new life philosophy and an art direction that has so much to say - just in these times of "loves" in direct transmission, sensationalist for love affairs of celebrities, and parasiting on partner lives of the others. A new international PROART project has a great potential to address the profound and spread souls of the Czech opera and dance public. (md)

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PERFORMANCES 2006 - 2008:

1. 4. 2008 / Malá scéna Zlín / last show
2. 12. / Dělňák Líšeň / Brno-Líšeň
31. 10. / Praha - Městská knihovna
15. 10. / Brno - Hadivadlo
25. 8. / Lapidárium KUKS - jako součást festivalu Theatrum Kuks
23. 7. / Praha - Městská knihovna - Festival ProART - life music
13. 7. / Brno - Hadivadlo - Festival ProART - new electronic version
14. 5. / V náručí mužů - Hadivadlo Brno
13. 5. 2007 / Výstaviště Brno - sjezd kardiologů - uzavřené představení

Opening Nights - 2006:

22. 10. 2006 / Městská knihovna - Praha
24. 10. 2006 / Brněnské kulturní centrum, Stará radnice, Freskový sál - Brno
25. 10. 2006 / Brněnské kulturní centrum - Brno
18. 11. 2006 / Městská knihovna - Praha
19. 11. 2006 / Hadivadlo - Brno

Projekt was created thanks to the financial support of the Czech - German Future Fund, Czech Ministry of Culture, the City of Prague and a City of Brno. Our thanks belong to the project artners - Municipal Library in Prague, Hadivadlo in Brno, companies Epex and Agro Brno - Tuřany a.s. undefined