Ema Destinn_Storm and Peace


A multi-genre stage poem about Czech national hero Ema Destinn. Musical theater in the co-production of ProART Company (CZ) and Tanzkompanie Golde G. (DE)

Direction: Martin Dvořák

Choreography: Martin Dvořák, Golde Grunske, Zaida Ballesteros Parejo

Text: Alena Mornštajnová, Ema Destinnová, Martin Dvořák, Adolf Wenig

Music: Ema Destinnová, Antonín Fajt, Jan Hanák/Sonority, Edgar Omar Rojas Ruiz, Kryštof Okrouhlý and Antonín Dvořák

Costumes: Jindra Rychlá

Performance: Irene Bauer / Mirka Prokešová, Kateřina Beranová, Kateřina Jebavá, Golde Grunske, Zaida Ballesteros Parejo, Martin Dvořák and Marta Vašková (piano)

MG_29122018_BW (18)MG_29122018_BW (42)MG_29122018_BW (3)bPhoto: Jan Vrba

Shows 2020:

9. 3. 20:00 / BRNO - Villa Tugendhat - Date Changed!!! 

10. 2. 20:00 / BRNO - Villa Tugendhat

9. 2. / OLOMOUC - Divadlo hudby

Shows 2019:

28. 1. 20:00 / Brno, Villa Tugendhat 

31. 1. 19:00 / Cottbus, Piccolo Theater

1. 2. 19:00 / Cottbus, Piccolo Theater

18. 2. 20:00 / Brno, Villa Tugendhat

15. 7. 20:00 / Brno, Villa Tugendhat

DSC_5013DSC_5594DSC_5639Photo: M. Vašíčková


Fotografie von Christiane Schleifenbaum 1. 2. 2019 Cottbus HERE




Opera singer and national icon Ema Destinnová is an inspiration for today's creators and authors.

Apart from her opera career Destinnová was also as an author of poems, novels, translations and one drama. The author of this project, Martin Dvořák, asked the writer Alena Mornštajnová, composers Antonín Fajt, Omar Rojas Ruiz, Kryštof Okrouhlý and Jan Hanák, and choreographer Golde Grunske, to join him to create their own work about Ema Destinnová.

The mosaic of these pieces form the foundation of the evening, permeated as a leitmotiv by Destinová's songs from the cycle "Garden of the Heart" and selected songs of Antonín Dvořák. The forms and emotions of the national heroine are embodied by five performers – a dancer, an actress and a singer, a glossator, and stage partner Enrico Caruso.

Ema Destinnová (1878 – 1930) world renown Czech opera singer, composer, writer, national heroine and patriot. Destinnová first started her international career in Berlin (Hofhoper) and later performed in New York (Met), London (Covent Garden), Paris (Theatre du Chatelet), and finally also in Prague (National Theatre).

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Financial support: City Brno, Czech-German Future Fund, State Culture Fund, Piccolo Theater

MG_29122018_BW (21)Photo: Jan Vrba