ProART Festival

undefinedPhoto: Marek Procházka


Festival consists of two parts. The first one are art workshops in the disciplines such as: dance, acting, singing, photography, music and creative writing. Courses are not only for professionals but for the general public as well. They take place throughout the day and they are graded according to difficulty so that each participant can combine his daily schedule by himself.

The second part of the festival is an evening programme that presents teachers - active artists - in pieces from their repertoire and also invites other guests with their concert, dance and theater performances.

The aim of ProART Festival is to open door to young and talented people for joint creation in the wide theatre and art itself. We were inspired by world-known Austrian Impulz-Tanz festival, which takes place during summer months. For five weeks and alongside workshops, it offers the best of the European dancing happenings on the stages of the best Austrian theatres. Their program is however purely dance and motion oriented. We believe that our philosophy is innovative as we wish for broader range, higher complexity and openness to all art genres. Let us remind that our philosophy was born at the concentration camp at Terezin, where tens of thousands of people died as a result of communication barriers. Our festival is designed as a communication tool, encouraging communication and bringing it closer to the spectator. Without being pathetic - but taking it from our own experience - ignorance and lack of interest in art and talent of people around is evident in the Czech theatrical world. Ask a dancer how many theatre and opera performances he/she visits per year. Ask an actor...

Putting theater artists "into castes" is to a large extent an anachronism. Moreover, their versatility means ultimately a win for both the creator and the audience. At the same time, however, we do not want to somehow dissolve and erase the differences between individual artistic sectors. It is only a kind of complexity and a generous perception of the concept of art and theater in our society, particularly among young people.

"European tendency bringing together various art genres and their interaction gives the Czech artists higher chance for success on the international field. In the meantime, ProART festival is perceived as a child, however a talented and gifted one. But also as an only child… as in the mixture of summer theatre festivals you will not find an event like it. We are confident that it will create a firm foundation for its future and we will be proud to call it a tradition and cultural event." MD