ProART Company shows:


7. 10. ChebFestival jednoho herce - BLATNÝ - solo

28. 10. Brno, Besední dům - Melnyk: Poetic reflections in free moments

29. 10. Prague, České muzeum hudby - Melnyk: Poetic reflections in free moments


7. 11. 2017 (guest: Josef Formánek)Setkání ve skleněném pokoji 2017 (Meeting in the Glassroom)

11. 11. Linz - Lange Nacht - ONENESS_CZ (duett)

28. 11. Liberec, Lázně - ONENESS_CZ_DE


ProART Festival 2017

As an Earth without art would be just ,,Eh"... Our country without ProART - without Martin and professional dancers and artists as a guest leaders/lectors - willing to put their energy into something they have no idea what to expect, to create in such a short time a whole performance with such a power and colourful sort of people, that would be sad world without inspiration. No joy. Nothing. Thanks to both of you! Have a great courage and energy to bring such days to our lives in a future!