ProART Company shows 2019:

25. a 26. 6. BRNO - Káznice na Cejlu: Orten_100_Ohnice - premiere

28. 6. PRAHA - Werichova vila: Orten_100_Ohnice

ProART Festival Evening Programm 2019 HERE

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MG_29122018_BW (16)bPhoto: Jan Vrba

EMA DESTINN_Storm and Peace

Dance-opera-theatre piece about Ema Destinn in the Villa Tugendhat.

Musical theatre in coproduction of ProART Company (CZ) and Tanzkompanie Golde G. (DE)

15. 7. 20:00 / Brno, Villa Tugendhat 

2018_12_12_letak A5 ProArt Ema Destinn navrh2018_12_12_letak A5 ProArt Ema Destinn navrh-2


1D3_7211 copy1D3_7215 copy1D3_7208 copyFoto: M. Babic
DSC_5993DSC_6017DSC_6019Foto: M. Vašíčková

Básníci svobody

Encounter in the Glassroom 2018

Tomáš Halík in Brno 5. 12. 2018


Short film made by Oskar Stolín based on the project Amid Fragility with Lenka Dusilová

ProART Company: Torch of Freedom at the UPROSTŘED Festival in Brno 21. 8. "Ocupation 1968"

002 - 20180821_DSF5196003 - 20180821_DSF5201004 - 20180821_DSF5212Foto: Radek Sy

ProART Festival 2018

Festival Student´s Gala at the Castle Valtice 28. 7.

Freedom for Arts_Arts for Freedom

Encounter in the Glassroom 2018

15. May 2018 (Guest: Tereza Boučková)

Boučková 2

Fairy Tales in the Villa / Bithday of Infanta

24. - 26. 1. 2018 - Brno, Besední dům

Review OPERA PLUS 25. 1. 2018

Review Město hudby 25. 1. 2018

29. 1. a 12. 2. 2018 - Brno, Villa Tugendhat 

Czech TV 30. 1. 2018

Review Taneční aktuality 5. 2. 2018

Vila Tugendhat 03122017 zmenšeno (59)

ProART Festival 2017

As an Earth without art would be just ,,Eh"... Our country without ProART - without Martin and professional dancers and artists as a guest leaders/lectors - willing to put their energy into something they have no idea what to expect, to create in such a short time a whole performance with such a power and colourful sort of people, that would be sad world without inspiration. No joy. Nothing. Thanks to both of you! Have a great courage and energy to bring such days to our lives in a future!