Who'd be afraid?


Dance adaptation of the Edward Albee drama. Motion, word, jazz music in a house fulle of empty bottles, lies and strange people.

Compound double of two married couples escaping from themselves and the ordinary stereotype of life into the world of fantasy, dreams, inebriety and emotional games, where they please and vulerate themselves and the others.

Director and choreographer: Martin Dvořák
Dancing and acting Company ProART:
Alena Pajasová
Martin Dvořák
Lenka and Petr Kolář
Music: Thomas Putensen
Live music: Thomas Putensen Band (Germany)
Production: ProART o.s.

"Where is the hedge between the real present and visionary, unattainable, utopia? Where do we store or hide the never-experienced, never-said, yet almost tangible? To what future are we moved by our own past? Aren´t just these factors the emotional impetus of our ordinary and extraordinary lives?

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On the first sight the long lasting marriage of Martha and George is as any other - worn out. After arrival of new visitors into their house we become witnesses of a game that we are not able to seize- is there anyone able to? Emotional lability, social failure, desire for social status, manifest yourself and others, pretence to yourself, others. Two marriage worlds meet on the stage- naive, exaggeratedly glamorized and harsh, brutal, cold-livered. They meet, complete, and provoke. Male´s world humiliates the Female´s."

Martha: Do you know what I?m doing, George?
George: That I don?t know, dear Martha, what is it?
Martha: I am here pleasing our guest. I am entertaining our guest.
George: Good. Go on.
Martha: You Rough, I know where you want to push it, but I will show you.
George: Why me? Show it to him. He hasn?t seen it yet. You haven?t seen it yet, have you?
Nick: You are disgusting. I lost all the respect for you.
George: I am disgusting because you want to jump on Martha?

Who'd be afraid? / performances 2009

9. 4. 2009 Last show - Theatre Konvikt Olomouc, www.divadlokonvikt.cz
7. 4. 2009 20th show - theatre in Řeznická Prague, www.reznicka.cz
19. 1. 2009 Brno CED - Sklepní scéna

Who'd be afraid? / performances 2008

24. 11. 19.30h Dejvické divadlo
13. 7. Sklepní scéna divadla Husa na provázku
22. 7. Dejvické divadlo

Who'd be afraid? / performances 2007

1. 5. Divadlo Na Prádle - Praha
11. 2. Hadivadlo - Brno
25. 2. Na Prádle - Praha
18. 3. Hadivadlo - Brno

Who'd be afraid? / performances 2006

Premiere: 2. 5. / Hadivadlo - Brno
3. 5. Hadivadlo - Brno
4. 5. Divadlo Na Prádle - Praha
5. 5. Divadlo Na Prádle - Praha
6. 5. Divadlo Na Prádle - Praha
19. 5. Oberwart (A)- Burgenländische Tanzwochen
17. 7. Nádvoří Staré radnice - Brno
23. 7. Divadlo Ponec - Praha
21. 9. Hadivadlo - Brno
9. 10. Divadlo Na Prádle - Praha
20.11. Na Prádle - Praha