Schubert: WINTERREISE... Winter Journey

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Martin Dvořák (CZ/AT) - Tobias Greenhalgh (USA/AT)

... a winter journey of one wanderer for one singer, a dancer and a piano ...

Stage adaptation of Franz Schubert's famous song cycle as contemporary musical theater about love and death.

Martin Dvořák (CZ/AT) - staging, dance

Tobias Greenhalgh (USA/AT) - bariton

Marcin Koziel (PL/AT) - piano

Jindra Rychlá (CZ) - costumes

SHOW 2016

20th of March (19:00) - PRAGUE - Czech Museum of Music, Karmelitská 2/4

SHOW 2015

17. 10. 15 / Wien / Wiener Kammeroper (19:30) - as Tobias Greenhalgh´s Portrait Concert

17. 12. 15 / Brno / Uměleckoprůmyslové muzeum (19:30)

18. 12. 15 / Brno / Uměleckoprůmyslové muzeum (19:30)

19. 12. 15 / Opava / Slezské divadlo (19:30)

Partners: Kammeroper Wien - Moravian Gallery Brno - Silesian Theatre Opava - National Museum - Czech Museum of Music

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Project of the famous Franz Schubert song cycle on poems by Wilhelm Müller for one singer, one dancer-actor and piano.

It is often performed as part of concert programs. The project was created in cooperation with a leading, world-known Viennese opera scene Theater an der Wien / Kammeroper Wien.

The cycle was created in two parts. In February 1827 Schubert composed twelve songs according to the first Muller poem cycle edition from 1823. On 4 March 1827 he invited his friends in order to introduce them the songs, however he never came to the gathering in the Franz von Schober house. The cycle was introduced later on. This first part was published on 14 January 1828. When Schubert got hold of the Müller garner from 1824, he found out that the poet completed the selection by another set of 12 poems, including some of the new ones among the original ones. The order of the songs therefore does not correspond to the poems’ order in the garner. In October 1827 Schubert started composing music to the remaining twelve poems. The second part was published on 30 December 1828, more than a month after the composer’s death.

The cycle was originally written for tenor and piano. Soon, however, it was transposed and forms part of repertoires of singers of various voice positions. Our cast is a baritone singer.

WINTERREISE (F. Kampmann) (10) WINTERREISE (F. Kampmann) (1) Winterreise (Frederikke Kampmann) WINTERREISE (F. Kampmann) (12) WINTERREISE (F. Kampmann) (15) WINTERREISE (F. Kampmann) (20) WINTERREISE (F. Kampmann) (19) WINTERREISE (F. Kampmann) (21) 
Photo: F. Kampmann

In 24 portraits dealing with the maturity of a man on his imaginary life journey, philosophizing about life values and emotional flares and disappointments, the authors and interprets Martin Dvořák and Tobias Greenhalgh pose questions about the transformation of a human-man and his values depending on his ability to accept the fate and life circumstances as a challenge to reach maturity or merely as a personal duel with a merciless destiny and „cards to be played“ dealt in advance.

Formally it links the expressional potential of an opera singer-actor and a dancer-performer. It does not concern the storytelling and literal description of a lyric text. It concerns rather a search of parallels to the text and music. Both interprets play their roles partly separately, partly their characters grown into one. Big emphasis should be placed on diversity and continuity of their expressional and interpretative possibilities where the singer builds on already composed music and text, as opposed to the dancer’s “starting zero point”. His “words” – means of expression – need to be created and built sensitively to the solid form of the singer. On the other hand, the singer’s expressional potential may come from or reflect the dancing and motional material and forms of the dancer. This consistent and ever-present tension between the genres forms the biggest challenge and dramaturgical line of the evening.


  • Tobias Greenhalgh ----------------------- Martin Dvořák ----------------------- Marcin Koziel

Review: "Thank you so much for the wonderful evening at the Kammeroper Wien tonight. It was absolutely fabulous. The dancing made the music even more beautiful. I saw you before in "Gli ucellatori" and could hardly turn my eyes off your elegant and smooth movements. You and Tobias Greenhalgh made a perfect unity. I'm still deeply touched and stunned of that much musical beauty. The wonderful evening yesterday left us overwhelmed with emotions, nothing touches my heart more than this kind of combining singing and dancing. Artists like you are helping to make the world a better place, because you teach us to see the beauty of life and music."


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Opera Plus 21. 3. 2016

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