E-Motions Suites


The evening of international choregraphers Erick Guillard, Gabriel Wong, Kaori Ito and Martin Dvořák.

Company Pro ART for the first time enters the dancing scene with choreographies of international choreographs. It thus supports the cooperation it intends to strengthen. During the Pro ART festival a number of exceptional dancers-choreographs-pedagogues arrive. ProART would not only like to benefit from their “searching projects” on the amateur field, but also introduce them in its own repertoire of a professional dancing theatre. We hope that our efforts will be appreciated. M.D.

The End of the Day

Choreography: Kaori Ito
Music: Jun Miyake
Dancing: Martin Dvořák and Kaori Ito
Costumes: Martin Dvořák and Kaori Ito

Spontaneous choreography about an experience exchange of two talented dancers and choreographs who have a lot to share. We all experience a feeling of misuse however this short piece sets out a task to entertain, not to reflect about abuse of an individual’s freedom.

Mother Stood

Choreography: Martin Dvořák
Music: Vladimír Godár (Iva Bittová – singing)
Dancing: Irene Bauer
Costume: Jindra Rychlá

Dancing drama for a dancer-actress Irene Bauer, a solo dancer of The Ballet Linz. Giving a birth to a child not always brings the pleasant duties and euphoria. There are cases where mother „pays“ for the happiness and joy. That is when we turn to something higher what exceeds us and brings salvation.

„When my body dies, let my soul be granted the glory of Paradise. Amen.“

Never Sent Letters

Choreography: Martin Dvořák
Music: J. S. Bach (suites for cello)
Dancing: Lenka Kolářová and Martin Dvořák
Acting: Richard Žemlička
Costume: Jindra Rychlá and Martin Dvořák

Dancing confession for a man and a woman (6 solos for two).

“It takes more and more inner power to share our feelings, intimacies and hidden desires. Not even in a life together are we able to tear down all the barriers. We long for the acceptance and we fear devotion. Sometimes the stream of words is redundant and we favor an alternative way. A letter, an SMS, an email, a gift, an eye contact. Nevertheless, most of the times we do not dare to do either. For fear we remain silent, wait, waste and wound. This choreography is about this fear. About situations where remaining silent means staying alone.“


Choreography and costume: Erick Guillard
Music: J. S. Bach (suites for cello)
Dancing: Irene Bauer, Lenka Kolářová, Mirka Prokešová
Playing: Richard Žemlička

Highly artistic choreography about the images of a woman and her feelings in the course of a time. An image and a meaning of a beauty keeps changing. It is adventurous finding yourself and your own concept of beauty over the fragments of time.

In the middle age men chose the image of the beatiful woman to present the world, as the Cathédral Notre Dame in Strasbourg shows a woman in a slightly shifted position, you are able to see her face as well as the back, which is covered by snakes and frogs. (The light and the dark) E. G.


Choreography: Gabriel Wong
Music: remix J. S. Bach (Goldberg variations)
Dancing: Anna Štěrbová, Martin Dvořák, Petr Kolář and others
Costume: Martin Dvořák

Fantasy choreography about internal and visual changes of an individual dependent on his consumption, acceptances, absorptions and inhaling.

„This product is specially made for you. What you get out when you give in...“ G. W.

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E-Motions Suites / performances 2010 /

20/07 CED Brno - Festival ProART - Mother Stood
01 + 29/06 Landestheater Linz, Eisenhand - Mother Stood
29/05 Festival Mezi Ploty, Brno-Černovice - Never Sent Letters - sólo
22/05 Festival Mezi Ploty, Dobřany u Plzně - Never Sent Letters - sólo
27 + 30/04 Landestheater Linz - Eisenhand - Mother Stood
14/02 Hadivadlo, Brno - Never Sent Letters
26/01 - 01/02 Městská knihovna, Praha - Never Sent Letters

E-Motions Suites / performances 2009 /

20/01 Hadivadlo Brno - Emotions Suites - premiere in Brno

E-Motions Suites / performances 2008 /

22 + 23/12 Hildesheim, Německo - Mother Stood, Never Sent Letters (fragment)
19 + 20/12 Praha, Divadlo v Řeznické - premiéra Emotions Suites
22/08 Klášterec nad Ohří - Siraex 2008 - Never Sent Letters (fragment)
26/07 Dejvické divadlo - Emotions Suites - first night incl. The End of the Day
18/07 Sklepní scéna divadla Husa na provázku - Never Sent Letters, Mother Stood

E-Motions Suites / performances 2007 /

23/10 Reduta, Brno - Never Sent Letters - first night