Minulost mává nám 

The past waving to us

(Created as ProART Creation 2019)

proART_19112019_Minulost mává nám_COL-4Photo: Jan Vrba

A dance-theater project with music and songs by Jaroslav Hutka on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the regain of freedom and democracy presented at Villa Tugendhat and the Cejl Penitentiary in Brno. Performance of dance theater reflecting own experiences and opinions of artists-artists on personal and social freedom on the background of song and poetry of musician and singer-songwriter Jaroslav Hutka, leading figure of the 1989 Velvet revolution and signatory of Charter 77.

Choreography: Martin Dvořák and dancers

Performing: JAROSLAV HUTKA and Martin Dvořák, Kristýna Křemenáková, Lukáš Lepold, Michal Nagy, Jan Neugebauer

30 let svobody

Shows 2019:

19. 11. 19:30 BRNO Káznice na Cejlu

9. 12. 19:30 BRNO Villa Tugendhat


DSC_7563DSC_7625DSC_7639Photo: Mila Vašíčková

proART_19112019_Minulost mává nám_COL-7proART_19112019_Minulost mává nám_COL-29proART_19112019_Minulost mává nám_COL-25

proART_19112019_Minulost mává nám_COL-32proART_19112019_Minulost mává nám_COL-40proART_19112019_Minulost mává nám_COL-46Photo: Jan Vrba

Media reports:

Česká televize - Události v regionech 20. 11. 2019

Česká televize - Události 19. 11. 2019


DSC_3421bDSC_3477 (1)DSC_3844Photo: M. Vašíčková

Financial support: Ministerstvo kultury ČR and Statutární město Brno