Mirka Prokešová

undefined After she passed out the Junior Dance preparatory of Dance Perfect studio in 2002 she became a member of Junior Domino Dance Company, where she was dancing until 2009 in choreographies by Lenka Ottová (Mes Dames), Rosťa Šrom (Sombra), Lucie Mírková (Hold up, Gang up), Veronika Sinová (Rukou Evy), Mirka Eliášová, Leona Qaša Kvasnicová (Multivitamin), Petra Daňhelová (Go Thru Of), Věrka Ondrašíková and Andrea Jandová (Děti z celého světa).

As a dancer of Company ProART she was dancing in pieces made by Martin Dvořák: Gabriel Lion 2004, Barocko In men´s arms, Boticelliho triptych + Ptáci (for Moravian autumm ´07 in Městské divadlo Brno), Reality Boulevard, Memoires, Giselle revenge; Jelena Ivanovic - Heldenhaft (6 Tage-Rennen); Erick Guillard - www.FrauWelt (in evening called E-motions suites); Vangelis Legakis - Sweet Sea Echos; Nicolaus Adler - Malstroem; Felix - Dumeril - Bon vieux temps and Kaori Ito - Island Of No Memories, this choreography won the competition (Re)connaissance 28.11.2009 in Grenoble, afterwards it was in a longer version performed in Japan and nowadays it travels around Europe as a full evening performance.

She also cooperates with Leona Qaša Kvasnicová and IF dance group - Kýble, LL Project, Man and woman, LL Project 2, Vivaldianno - choreographies for concert of Michal Dvořák and Jaroslav Svěcený. She danced in pieces made by Jarek Cemerek - Fuga; Broňa Skalická - Nebe v kalužích, Periferie; Eric Trottier - Arena (in Fürth); Kaori Ito - L´albatros.

As a dance teacher she works for Dance Centrum, Dance House, ProART, and Elementary art school Prosek, where she leads the Dance Puella group. She studies humanities on Charles University.

VIDEO Malstroem (chor. N. Adler)

VIDEO Me-Moi-RES (chor. M. Dvořák)

ProART Festival 2018

LIBEREC 14. - 16. 6.

PILSEN 12. - 15. 7.

Contemporary dance + Partnering + Contact Improvisation