Bärbel Stenzenberger

Portrait Bärbel Stenzenberger

Bärbel Stenzenberger (Germany) is a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher. She completed her education as a dancer at the University in Frankfurt/Main and worked as a soloist with various companys in Germany, such as Staatstheater Mainz, Städtebundtheater Hof, Ballet Schindowski Gelsenkirchen and Theater Bonn. As a freelance dancer she has performed for example with Stephan Koplowitz, Olimpia Scardi, Kurt Koegel, Doris Schaefer, Temper Temper, Dyane Neiman, Cerna Vanek Dance, Cocoon Dance, Pierre Wyss, Juliane Rössler, Mastra Dance, Helene Weinzierl, bodyincrisis, raum13, Tomi Paasonen, Milli Bitterli, Eric Trottier. Later on she started to create for operas, musicals, theatre pieces and since 2009 she is directing operas and musicals for children/teenager. Bärbel teaches professional dancers in different styles. 2009 she founded the Tanzkompanie bo komplex with her partner Olaf Reinecke and was nominated as choreographer for Deutsche Tanzpreis “Zukunft”. She created for ProART Company one part (Antonín Dvořák) in the international dance project of 10 choreographers: Motion Scores.

ProART Festival 2016

Brno 21. - 22. 7. + Valtice 24. - 28. 7. Shakespeare 400



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Duets in dance

In the context of our workshop we want to deal with the theme „duets in dance“ together with our participants. – The duet, that is more than the sum of  the two duet-partners. In the encounter and involvement with „the other“ something more, third originates.

Harmonious, full of misunderstandings, powerful, tender, acrobatic... The opportunities are diverse. In our workshop we focus on the space two people share as their centre in an experiment of closeness. Through the spatial proximity the world within opens, the partners enter into a dialogue with each other,  that goes back to the basics.

After a collective, on-topic warm-up with exercises in awareness, grounding and „being-in-contact-with-yourself-and-your-partner“ we concentrate on partnerwork using different  means, techniques and ideas to create a duet and to improve our cooperation. The origin of the duet could be e.g. literary texts, memories, dialogue-excerpts from theatre plays or movies and various pieces of music.