Marek Procházka

MarekProch_square_cut I am a self-taught photographer, not making living by photography helps me still enjoying it. A graduate from English and Aesthetics I was hired by a graphic design studio, nowadays thinking up websites, forging digital realms. I learned the basics of photography from my grandfather. Good old craft, ancient Yashica, dark chamber in the kitchen, a rear red light plucked out of a tractor. I wonder what would he think about my current pictures. Perhaps he wouldn’t like them much. Yet I’d love if he could see them.

Dance took me when I saw a photo of a black male dancer shot by Gert Weigelt. I was fascinated by the monumental body seemingly levitating above the ground. The contrast between mass and energy, between being and flowing. Instant affection. This is my fifth year with ProART Festival. There’s much I owe as there’s much I learned.
Over the last years I tend to abandon the comfort of a theatre stage and search for new venues and spots that would bring something fresh to dance photography. I settled in clean geometrical spaces and weird bodily positions.


ProART Festival 2017

BRNO 15. - 17. 7.

Dance Photography Workshop

The two-day course is set as a hands-on practice of three typical situations:
1. rehearsal studio
2. theatre stage
3. outdoors
The point is to learn technical tricks to handle each of these spaces and their specific conditions, and at the same time to search for your own creative expression. 
Rehearsal rooms hosting workshops usually annoy us with flat light or little light at all, busy backgrounds, too many people, too unpredictable motion. On theatre stage you’ll learn to fight theatre lighting with manual exposure and to understand when to pull the trigger. Outdoors you’ll face unpredictable weather and the need to choose a setting of 
your own and to communicate closely if not intimately with your dancer to create some choreography on the spot.
Each part will be preceded by a pinch of theory, exchanging experience, and practicing shooting pictures in the given conditions with my help. 
Level: I-III. The course is intended for anyone eager to learn, who possesses a camera. 
Digital SLR owners will find it easier to learn, yet if you have an analog SLR or a compact camera, you are definitely welcome, too.

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