Richard Pohl


Richard Pohl (1983) is a Czech pianist, accompanist and doctorate student at Janacek Academy of Music in Brno as well as professor at Pavel Krizkovsky Art High School. His concert work focuses mainly on the chamber field – he collaborates with prominent opera soloists (M. Zhang, J. Skarka, E. Weissova, J. Dolezilkova, J. Stava, O. Jelinkova, J. Pustina etc.), instrumentalists (violoncellist B. Zajmi, violinist I. Kovalcikova, Slavonic Piano Duo) and ensembles (Matl Academic Choir, Chamber Choir of Helena Halirova – Supova, Due in Eterno, Art Ensemble Maurice). As both chamber player and soloists he performed and recorded in Mexico, France, Sweden, Germany, Austria Belgium, Poland and Slovakia. He is a graduate of the Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno (studying with Z. Hnat, A. Vlasakova and J. Jirasky) and many masterclasses by renowned pianists (S. Vladar, J. G. Jiracek, S. Speidel, G. Kanev etc.). He is also a manager of the Melodia Art Managment - concert agency supporting young artist's projects and beneficial events to raise funds for those who need it. Richard Pohl has recently accepted position of Associate Professor of Piano Performance at Jiujiang University in China.

ProART Festival 2016

Brno 21. - 22. 7. Piano classes + Prague 8. - 10. 7. Opera masterclass accomp.


Piano classes are aimed at performance and interpretation of all music literature, as well as improvement of the practice and technique of playing, possibly also an introduction to the basics in improvisation and music composition. Students of all grades and levels, style or genre preferences are welcomed!