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ProART 2005 workshops took place in two weeks - 16th-23rd July in Brno and 24th-31st July in Prague. There were 119 dancers, actors, singers and photographers participating in 168 lessons. We experienced 16 days of intensive connecting of arts, searching for new approaches, processes, searching for ourselves; joy from work, theatrical experience, discoveries, sweated T-shirts, imagination, music, sounds, silence, tired feet, sore throats, uncovered emotions, nervousness and other proves that we were creating and artistically enriching ourselves.

16. 7. - 23. 7. 2005 - Brno

Brno, the National Theatre rehearsal rooms - 56 participants, 10 dance and acting classes in 70 lessons, 7 teachers


Erick Guillard (F) - klasický balet, contemporary
Silvia Beláková (SK) - jazzdance
Martin Vraný (CZ) - contemporary
Katarína Vlniešková (SK) - technika Limon
Lenka Vágnerová (CZ) - moderna


Kamila Kalousová (CZ)

Searching project

Martin Dvořák (CZ)

24. 7. - 31. 7. 2005 - Prague

Prague, DDM Pod Juliskou - 63 participants, 14 dance, acting and singing classes in 98 lessons, photoworkshop of David Židlický and searching project of Martin Vraný in theatre Ponec. 10 teachers.


Martin Dvořák (CZ) contemporary balet, new dance
Mathieu Guilhaumon (F) jazzdance
Erick Guillard (F) contemporary
Eva Klimáčková (SK) taneční kontakt, contemporary
Nina Kripas (A) hip-hop
Katarína Vlniešková (SK) technika Limon


Filip Sychra (CZ)


Radka Fišarová (CZ)


David Židlický (CZ)

Searching project

Martin Vraný (CZ)