Festival ProART 2011

Workshops and performances

Brno 15. – 22. 7.

Prague 24. – 31. 7.

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Video ImProART Prague HERE

dance | acting | singing | photography | drawing/design | guitar | beatbox

ballet, pilates, acting, beatbox, singing searching project, taichi, modern dance, contemporary dance, ballet repertoir, modern repertoir, partnering, dance for non-dancers, modern tanec for children, shadow yoga, jazzdance, singing – pop, modern – Kibbutz, contact improvization, dance searching project, opera masterclass, performing art/physical theatre, drawing/design, guitar masterclass, hip-hop, dance with and without handicap, photoworkshop

24 teachers from 12 countries
Information about them, their classes and prices you will find in the application form

With thrill and anticipation we are presenting you the 8th annual multi-genre ProART festival. So far we have presented it as a festival of dance, singing, acting and photography. This year we tried to extend the range of genres, so we invited teachers from the fields such as drawing, guitar playing and beat-box, which is currently a very popular form of "oral" speech among young people. In short we are trying to innovate, continuously develop and improve the festival. Just like last year there will be a festival theme, actually a triple-theme, which is Contact-Communication-Touch.

More than a half of 24 workshop pedagogues coming this year will be there for the first time. Who wants to meet again with the familiar faces, certainly has the opportunity, but the 8th year belongs to newcomers, and I dare say that this year the quality of pedagogues is certainly at the highest level in several years of our history. The program of evening performances as a second part of the festival will be published in late May or beginning June. Despite the unfavourable cultural and economic situation we are trying to preserve the traditional number of 18 performances, but we are forced to move into less attractive places than, for example Archa Theatre. Due to the economy means we want to save on renting the venues rather than the very quality of performances and artists, which we have invited from Portugal, USA, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Japan and other countries.

If our festival has a future, it lies in your hands. Without you, participants and spectators, it is impossible to call it into action and we firmly believe, that you keep us favour and help us to strengthen or even extend our ProART base. Who has ever tried ProART never wants anything else.

We are very much looking forward to meet you! Your ProART Team – Martin Dvořák, Alena Pajasová and Kateřina Boukalová

Brno 15. – 22. 7. | Workshop schedule - Brno.pdf

Praha 24. – 31. 7. | Workshop schedule - Prague.pdf