Festival ProART 2011

Prague 24. – 31. 7.

Divadlo Rokoko – Václavské náměstí 38, pasáž Rokoko

Tickets reservations praha@proart-festival.cz or 737 672 176.

Prices - full price / student, senior, workshop participant / price 0Kč offers optional free entrance for festival participants with valid festival identity card and with ticket reservation.


24. 7. 20h Rokoko (250/160/0Kč)
Ricardo Ambrózio / Companhia de Danca de Almada (PT): NOSSOS
"Nossos" (ours) is the result of research into and reflection upon different people and their individual perspectives on life. How they relate to others. "Nossos" speaks of intimacy, stereotypes and singularities within a mass, from the singular even when it is plural; it speaks of the individual and of the group, of what is mine, what is yours ... all that is ours. It builds upon a series of everyday situations involving relationships between two or more people, or even how a person relates to themself, and / or their inherent situation in specific situations.
Choreography: Ricardo Ambrózio
Dance: Sofia Silva, Beatriz Rousseau, Débora Queirós, Nuno Gomes, Ricardo Santos

25. 7. 20h Rokoko (250/160/0Kč)
International Choreographic Platform III.
Ellen Smith Ahern, Lida Winfield (USA): THE WOODS ARE DEEP
Yuriko Suzuki / SEAD Salzburg (A): BORN/2011
Felix Dumeril (CH) / Company ProART (CZ): BON VIEUX TEMPS

The woods are deep
The woods are deep is an exploration of what it means for two people to try to make a piece „about nature“. With movement and sound, we build and coexist in an imaginary landscape rich with imagery of hawks, deer, trees, and moving water.  Throughout the duet, our goal is to make our physical and emotional experience as humans and as dancers as accessible to the audience as possible.  Described by Vermont's Seven Days Newspaper, our work is a journey that offers „a shift in tone, a breath between segments, each of which [has] a distinct texture, from tender to goofy, violent to playful.“
Choreography and Dance: Ellen Smith Ahern, Lida Winfield

Born/2011 is a collaboration between Stephanie Van Aken and Yuriko Suzuki. The concept grew out of investigating the reaction of emotion on the body and in relation to each other. Do emotions evoke the body or does the body evoke emotions?
Choreography: Yuriko Suzuki
Dance: Stephanie Van Aken, Yuriko Suzuki (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance)

Bon vieux temps
A funny little dance piece about nostalgia, unfulfilled dreams and the human behavior in ridged social structures. There are 4 female characters, which seem to be trapped by their memories of an old “good” time and by the conservative power of a group leader. The superficial harmony between them starts to weaken as soon one of the characters tries to break free from this collective. This situation gives an impulsive momentum to the group, which leads into an unexpected new constellation.
Choreography: Felix Dumeril
Dance: Lenka Kolářová, Alena Pajasová, Mirka Prokešová a Jana Ryšlavá

26. 7. 20h Rokoko (220/140/0Kč)
Martin Dvořák / Company ProART (CZ): GISELLE: Revenge
Immortal story of love beyond the grave. Modern version of romantic ballet as a contemporary dance drama for 5 characters. Parallels and differences in physical and metaphysical love, truth and lies, dreams and reality. The consequences of betrayal, jealousy, death and forgiveness. But even then it may be continued. Love is here forever.
Direction and Choreography: Martin Dvořák
Music: Adolphe Adam, Patrick Pulsinger
Dance: Company ProART – Irene Bauer, Martin Dvořák, Lenka Kolářová, Petr Kolář, Mirka Prokešová

27. 7. 20h Rokoko (220/140/0Kč)
ImProART a Michio Woirgardt (D)
A traditional festival dance teachers meeting in improvised dance jam session. This year along with a respectable musician, composer and DJ – Michio Woirgardt.
Performing: Mick Dolan, Martin Dvořák, Natasa Frantzi, Alex Kyriakoulis, Isira Makuloluwe, Alena Pajasová, Neil Paris a Hana Zanin

28. 7. 20h Rokoko (250/160Kč)
A gala evening of national and international personalities of contemporary dance and of the ProART festival pedagogues, presenting passages from their repertory.
Performing: Mick Dolan, Eran Gisin, Alex Kyriakoulis, Natasa Frantzi, Isira Makuloluwe, Neil Paris, Hana Zanin, Attila Zanin. Special guests: Radka Fišarová, Jennifer Maines-Chamandy, Richard Pohl a Michio Woirgardt

29. 7. 20h Rokoko (250/160/0Kč)
Maura Moralez (Cuba), Michio Woirgardt (D): ELLA
In the Ella performance the protagonist will ask the audience to take off their shoes and bring them on the stage. During the evening she will slide into some of the pairs and “embody” the personality of their owner, dance the story the “shoes” narrate respectively. Tales she would have never experienced in her real life. Shoes become the actors of the evening and in the end we are able to see the consumer goods through a different pairs of eyes.
Choreography/Dance: Maura Morales
Live music: Michio Woirgardt

30. 7. 20h Rokoko (250/160/0Kč)
Alex Kyriakoulis / Laverita Dance Company (GR/D): ZERO
Martin Dvořák / Company ProART (CZ): BROTHERHOOD (opening night)

A tabo"0" is a strong social prohibition relating to any area of human activity or social custom that is sacred and forbidden based on moral judgment and sometimes even religious beliefs. "Zero" is a performance that reflects all the needs and how they reset every time we treat them as observers. Finally, we are what appear or seem what we are.
Performing: Natasa Frantzi, Alex Kyriakoulis

New Company ProART project loosely follows up on a socio-dancing reflection of Czech and Slovak Society - Reality Boulevard. „Me, the Czech Nation, I have too sobered from a beautiful dream about a flowered garden, where freedom, brotherhood and peace danced in a girlish joyful whirl and where justice was given to me and to everyone of mine.” S.K. Neumann / Psalm from 1919.
Choreography: Martin Dvořák
Music: Ben Frost
Performing: Irene Bauer, Lenka Kolářová, Mirka Prokešová, Jana Ryšlavá

31. 7. 17h Rokoko (180/100Kč)
Gala evening of festival students in presentations of their one week work in the studios of dance, singing, acting, photography, drawing-design and guitar.

31. 7. 20h Rokoko (200/120/0Kč)
CONTACT-COMMUNICATION-TOUCH – searching projekty Isiry Makulolowe a Neila Parise
These ‘searching projects’ are shaped to fit the natures of individual students. They came into being within one week of workshops in contemporary dance (Isira Makuloluwe) and physical theatre-performing art (Neil Paris). The results of this intensive work are put on stage for the first – but also the last – time tonight. These projects revolve around a single issue – that of searching the contact, communication and touch within our lives.

Martin Dvořák (CZ)/Company ProART (CZ): FOREIGN BODIES
All human beings are fully orientated, connected and focused on their own lives and personal ways. We know our living environments, homes, working places, our partners, friends, collaborators etc. Although we find ourselves sometimes in very strange moments that something is wrong, somebody is wrong, some situation is wrong. We are strangers to ourselves, strangers to the other. We want to go against the stream, but remain with him. What are these situations? How our bodies do react on them? Is the reaction only a result of our mental weakness and physical limits or something more?
Dance: Irene Bauer, Martin Dvořák, Mirka Prokešová, Lenka Kolářová, Petr Kolář, Alena Pajasová