Festival ProART 2011

Brno 15. – 22. 7.

DBP – Divadlo Bolka Polívky, Jakubské náměstí 5
Stadion – Stadion, Kounicova 685/20

Tickets reservations brno@proart-festival.cz or 737 300 314, for shows in Divadle Bolka Polívky pokladna@bolek.cz or 542 214 903.

Prices - full price / student, senior, workshop participant / price 0Kč offers optional free entrance for festival participants with valid festival identity card and with ticket reservation.


15. 7. 20h DBP (220/150/0Kč)
International Choreographic Platform I.
Anna Prokopová (CZ) / Esther Koller (A): LIVING ROOMS OF BODIES
Andrea Maria Handler, Tamara Kronheim (A) / x.IDA Linz (A): GEM:EIN:SAM
Martin Dvořák / Company ProART (CZ): FOREIGN BODIES

Living Rooms of Bodies (Tanec - Zátiší s Plasty)
Rooms are perceivable by means of touch, filled with air/breath or liquid they are experienced as bodies. What kind of information do the bodies carry, who are the rooms of my body and of the other bodies in a relation to one another?
Dance and choreography: Anna Prokopová
Coaching: Esther Koller

Often in life you have to read in between the lines but suddenly you can get charged for a misinterpretation. Communication is one of the most common things in life and most of us think they are aware and able to do it but when it comes to an understanding the whole thing looks differently.
Dance and choreography: Andrea Maria Handler, Tamara Kronheim
Live music: Markus Meurer, Christian Kuttner

Foreign Bodies
All human beings are fully orientated, connected and focused on their own lives and personal ways. We know our living environments, homes, working places, our partners, friends, collaborators etc. Although we find ourselves sometimes in very strange moments that something is wrong, somebody is wrong, some situation is wrong. We are strangers to ourselves, strangers to the other. We want to go against the stream, but remain with him. What are these situations? How our bodies do react on them? Is the reaction only a result of our mental weakness and physical limits or something more?
Music: Esa Pekka Salonen
Dance: Irene Bauer, Martin Dvořák, Mirka Prokešová, Lenka Kolářová, Lenka Růžičková

16. 7. 20h DBP (220/150/0Kč)
Boris Nahálka, Šárka Ondrišová / Elledanse (SK): POCTA KRAVÁM
Dance piece originated from the makers will deal with the past, the place where today Elledanse resides - in the House of T & D, in a former slaughterhouse. The production tells a story of the cows and all their forms - from mile chewing cows, through advertising cult purple cows for beef wrapped in foil in cold boxes or leather seats in our living. There are also cowboys and milkmaids, whose fates are non-random with humor and very dramatically intertwined with the lives of cows. In the stinking environment, stable flies infected with not only find a place to cruelty and humiliation, but also romance and tenderness.
Choreography: B. Nahálka, Š. Ondrišová
Performing: B. Nahálka, E. Píš, J. Tereková, Z. Sehnalová, K. Mimakiová, K. Miklášová, P. Kovalčík, S. Stanek, E. Rudinská, Z. Hianiková, A. Štefanov

17. 7. 20h DBP (220/150/0Kč)
Rose Breuss / Tanz Cie. Off Verticality/C.O.V (A): GESTURES DO NOT STAY ON TRACK FOR VERY LONG TIME
Ellen Smith Ahern, Lida Winfield (USA): THE WOODS ARE DEEP

Gestures do not stay on track for a very long time
"... Man wird gut daran tun, auf dem Bild - in einer Ecke des Vorhangs - das Antlitz des West- oder Ostwinds anzubringen, wie er zwischen den Wolken durchbläst, wodurch alle Tücher, die sich gegenüber befinden, angestoßen werden. ..."
Choreography: Rose Breuss
Dance: Andrea Maria Handler, Tamara Kronheim

The woods are deep
The woods are deep is an exploration of what it means for two people to try to make a piece „about nature“. With movement and sound, we build and coexist in an imaginary landscape rich with imagery of hawks, deer, trees, and moving water.  Throughout the duet, our goal is to make our physical and emotional experience as humans and as dancers as accessible to the audience as possible. 
Choreography a Dance: Ellen Smith Ahern, Lida Winfield

18. 7. 20h Stadion (180/120/0/ samostatný vstup na danceparty od 21h - 60Kč)
ImProART a Maok (SK) + Dance Party
Impro jam session of international festival teachers with dance after-party for the public.
Performing: Irene Bauer, Martin Dvořák, Jarek Cemerek, Isira Makuloluwe, Eric Trottier, Jana Ryšlavá, Alena Pajasová, Rafael Valdivieso + special guest Radka Fišarová

19. 7. 20h Stadion (240/160Kč)
A gala evening of national and international personalities of contemporary dance and of the ProART festival pedagogues, presenting passages from their repertory.
Performing: Irene Bauer, Jarek Cemerek, Ondřej Havlík, Radka Fišarová, Lenka Kolářová, Isira Makuloluwe, Petra Padriánová, Jana Ryšlavá, Eric Trottier, Rafael Valdivieso

20. 7. 20h Stadion (240/160/0Kč)
International Choreographic Platform II.
Pauline Jenings / Double Vision (USA): DUPLEXITY
Saku Koistinen (FIN): OHI – TO PASS

Duplexity is a contemporary dance solo inspired by the idea that a single message may be sent simultaneously in two directions. The work explores dividing, subdividing and redividing the dancer’s focus between multiple physical, mental and psychological units that operate independently of one another.
Choreography: Pauline Jennings
Sound: Sean Clute
Dance: Jennifer Mellor

OHI – fragments about being a human
Ohi is a world with it's own logic, where two human beings are trying to find their way to exist - alone and together.
Choreography: Saku Koistinen
Music: J. S. Bach - Goldberg Variations, Victor Young - Johnny Guitar
Performing: Saku Koistinen, Laura Vesterinen

21. 7. 20h Stadion (220/150/0Kč)
Pauline Jennings, Sean Clute / Double Vision (USA): VERITABLE VICISSITUDES
Martin Dvořák / Company ProART (CZ): BROTHERHOOD (premiéra)

New Company ProART project loosely follows up on a socio-dancing reflection of Czech and Slovak Society - Reality Boulevard. „Me, the Czech Nation, I have too sobered from a beautiful dream about a flowered garden, where freedom, brotherhood and peace danced in a girlish joyful whirl and where justice was given to me and to everyone of mine.” S.K. Neumann/ Psalm from 1919.
Choreography: Martin Dvořák
Music: Ben Frost
Performing: Irene Bauer, Lenka Kolářová, Mirka Prokešová, Jana Ryšlavá

Veritable Vicissitudes by DOUBLE VISION
Veritable Vicissitudes is an ongoing, interactive, sensorial playground. As the audience enters, they find themselves in a maze of scrim through which they may travel. Live sound and video projections echo through the maze while creating overlays of light and moving shadows on the hanging scrim walls. Sharing the maze are several dancers with headlamps. The audience is given signs to place upon the dancers which dictate the speed at which they can move and where they can move. In this simple form of interaction, the audience plays a very active role in choreographing the event.

22. 7. 17h Stadion (160/100Kč)
Gala evening of festival students in presentations of their one week work in the artistic studios od dance, acting, photography and beatbox.

22. 7. 20h Stadion (180/120/0Kč)
CONTACT-COMMUNICATION-TOUCH – searching projects of Rafael Valdivieso and Radka Fišarová
These ‘searching projects’ are shaped to fit the natures of individual students. They came into being within one week of workshops in dance (Rafael Valdivieso and singing (Radka Fišarová). The results of this intensive work are put on stage for the first – but also the last time - tonight. These projects revolve around a single issue – that of searching the contact, communication and touch within our lives.
Felix Dumeril (CH) / Company ProART (CZ): BON VIEUX TEMPS
A funny little dance piece about nostalgia, unfulfilled dreams and the human behavior in ridged social structures. There are 4 female characters, which seem to be trapped by their memories of an old “good” time and by the conservative power of a group leader. The superficial harmony between them starts to weaken as soon one of the characters tries to break free from this collective. This situation gives an impulsive momentum to the group, which leads into an unexpected new constellation.
Choreography: Felix Dumeril
Dance: Lenka Kolářová, Alena Pajasová, Mirka Prokešová a Jana Ryšlavá