Vladislav Benito Šoltýs


Mgr. art. Vladislav Soltys ArtD., artistic name Benito, graduated on the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. During his studies he worked in a dance company Torso Ballet and Austria dance group cieLaroque. In company The Bratislava Dance Theatre has performed in productions Wedding, The Firebird, choreographed by John Ďurovčík and performance of Romeo and Juliet. After graduation, he performed as a dancer in Landestheater Linz led by Robert Poole. Three artistic seasons he worked in Volksoper Wien and choreographer Lize King, where he performed at the legendary Swan Lake Remix, Caravaggio, Noddingdog, Underworlds, Jekyll and Hyde and Je Veux - Je Veux. In cooperation with the Austrian director Martin Gruber and his expressive theater AktionstheaterWien participated in the performances Vogel, Persians and Liebe Mich. In 2005, In The Slovak Dance Theatre he participated in performance Bolero. For Laban Atelier participated in performances and The smooth edges for Dajv in performance Manual - súčasnýtanec.sk. At 2005 performed for The Slovak Dance Theatre in Bolero. During the years 2003 - 2011 he was a member of the Irish group Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre and choreographer Michael Keegan Dolan. During this cooperation has performed in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Poland, Germany and the USA in the performances of Giselle, The Bull, The Flowerbed, James son of James. For England National Opera in London in performance Rite of Spring. In 2009 he performed his solo King at the festival Bratislava in Movement. For dance company cieLaroque performed esnes.n.on in Austria, Singapore, Malaysia and India. For elledanse company participated in performances Apple, Quadrans and Water for the water. As dance teacher worked for the elledanse in Bratislava, he led the workshops for Laban studio, at the Private Conservatory in Košice, dance workshops at festivals 4plu2 and festival ProArt in Brno and Prague. Between 2012 - 2014 he worked at the Dance Conservatory of Eva Jaczova in Bratislava as a senior teacher of modern dance. After postdoctoral studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, he is working as an internal teacher of contemporary dance and dancetheater. During her dance career he was intensely devoted in art of Hatha Yoga and Japanese fencing art Battodo.

Contemporary technique

As teacher of contemporary techniques Benito focuses on the fluidity of movement in 
constant circular direction. As a never ending flow of energy uses elements embossing and 
transferring body weight in supporting collaboration on the floor. The movement focuses 
on the breath as the main drive and inseparable body, the pulse initiator of movement and 
imagination as the main reason for moving. Working on the floor is aimed at developing 
continuity in the use of the balance between active and passive movements. In a series of 
movements while standing utilizes a loss of balance and counterbalance as an opportunity to 
explore the possibilities of body motion with avoiding the established movement patterns.

Dance Theatre

Dance theater workshop focuses on the embodiment of basic emotions and their expression through 
posture, gestures, facial expressions and movement in space for subsequent connections to dance 
extresie. Subsequent incarnation of ideas and the development of imagination opens the way 
to qualitative physical action. In developing the ability to breath and voice in dialogue with the 
movement to improve performace art performer. The most important existence of this artist on 
stage is to be "here and now" which deepens the intensity of persuasive power. Development of 
perception and feeling of seeing groups help create a common action. When working with a partner
and in a group develop dialogue improvised movement and responsiveness movement and voice 
at the discretion of nonverbal communication and its possible stylization. We focus on improving 
the performative qualities not only dancers but also actors in the use of a combination of dance and 
acting means of expression.

ProART Festival 2016

Brno 17. - 22. 7.