Irene Bauer


Irene Bauer was born in Vienna. She started her dance education in the State Opera Ballet School of Austria at the age of 7. After her diploma she joined the company and had been dancing there most various classical, as well as modern pieces for 12 years. The next station was the Tanztheater of the Tiroler Landestheater under the direction of Jochen Ulrich as a solist. She was performing at festivals around Europe, America and Canada, in film and TV and low-, no-budget productions. In 2006, she started to work for the ProART Company. From September 2006 until 1013, she was dancing as a soloist at the Linzer Landestheater. She is teaching ballet and Pilates and still enjoying to dance...


ProART Festival 2017

Brno 15. - 21. 7.

Valtice 25. - 30. 7.

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The Pilates course will be a preparation for the day. We will warm up the deep muscles, and mobilate the body. The exercises built a fundamental strength, which we especially need in dance, but it is not just for dancers. It is recommended to bring a mat or a big towel.



Photo: Martha Sobotka