Daphna Horenczyk

Daphna Horenczyk

Daphna Horenczyk je izraelská tanečnice, lektorka a choreografka tvořící v Mnichově a Vídni. Od roku 2012 tvoří nezávisle pro jeviště i film. Její tvorba byla uvedena na jevištích v Izraeli i Evropě, např.: MASH, Intimadance (IL), PAD Mainz, Schwere Reiter (DE), MAAT (PL) a další. Jako tanečnice spolupracovala s choreografy jako Ceren Oran (TR/DE), Mia Lawrence (US/DE), Andrea Bozic (HG/NL), Amanda Piña (MX/CN/AT), Anne Juren (FR/AT) a Ariel Cohen (IL). Své taneční vzdělání absolvovala v profesionálním tanečním programu Kibbutz Ga’aton, později v SEAD v Salzburgu. 

ProART Festival 2019

Brno 15. - 19. 7.

Contemporary + Repertoár

(místo Erana Gisina)

Every pulse is nourished from its center to the periphery. Movement also has a trajectory from its center point to its extensions and back to the center. In my approach, the body becomes a geographic map of trajectories, surfaces, landscapes and channels for information to travel, as the center is shifting constantly. We will begin with awareness exercises which involve intuitive movement in order to acknowledge the sensations, textures and feelings that are
present in the body. We will arise a dialogue between the body and mind, transmitting images into actions in space. We will explore the mechanism of simple and complex movement patterns, by giving tasks in relation to space, to another body, to the initiation of movement, muscle tone, rhythm, musicality, performativity and more. In my class I encourage clarity in movement, as well as making conscious decisions in a given form or in improvisation.

My teaching is inspired mostly from principals of floorwork, partnering work, martial arts and rock climbing. We will work on releasing without collapsing, developing new coordination, stamina, creativity and alertness in dance.