XV. ProART Festival 2018 in BRNO

International ART_Workshop Festival

Brno 16. - 22. 7. 

Venue: Moravská galerie - Místodržitelský palác

ProArt_Luzanky_1400px-0698Photo: Marek Procházka

Motto: Dive into the arts...

Theme 2018: Arts for freedom_Freedom for arts...!

Festival consists of two parts. The first one are art workshops in the disciplines such as: dance, acting, singing, photography, music and creative writing. Courses are not only for professionals but for the general public as well. They take place throughout the day and they are graded according to difficulty so that each participant can combine his daily schedule by himself.

The second part of the festival is an evening programme that presents all teachers - active artists - in pieces from their repertoire and also invites other guests with their concert, dance and theater performances.





Sakher Almonem (SYR/AT) - Dance, Photo https://www.proart-festival.cz/en/sakher-almonem/
Irene Bauer (AT) - Pilates https://www.proart-festival.cz/en/irene-bauer/
Zdeněk Bína (CZ) - Music, Singing, Photo https://www.proart-festival.cz/en/zdenek-bina/
Lenka Dusilová (CZ) - Music, Singing https://www.proart-festival.cz/en/lenka-dusilova/
Martin Dvořák (CZ/AT) - Dance, Yoga https://www.proart-festival.cz/en/martin-dvorak/
Kristýna Frejová (CZ) - Theatre https://www.proart-festival.cz/en/kristyna-frejova/
Florent Golfier (FR/CZ) - Dance, Acrobatic https://www.proart-festival.cz/en/florent-golfier/
Eva Klimáčková (SK/FR) - Dance https://www.proart-festival.cz/en/eva-klimackova/
Zdeněk Král (CZ) - Piano https://www.proart-festival.cz/en/zdenek-kral/
Martina Krátká (CZ) - Theatre https://www.proart-festival.cz/en/kristyna-frejova/
Ida Kelarová (CZ) - Singing, Voice https://www.proart-festival.cz/en/ida-kelarova/
Alena Mornštajnová (CZ) - Writing https://www.proart-festival.cz/en/alena-mornstajnova/
Alena Pajasová (CZ/CH) - Dance https://www.proart-festival.cz/en/alena-pajasova/
Neil Paris (UK) - Physical theatre https://www.proart-festival.cz/en/neil-paris/
Nicola Vacca (ITA/FR) - Dance https://www.proart-festival.cz/en/nicola-vacca/
Michal Viewegh (CZ) - Writing https://www.proart-festival.cz/en/michal-viewegh/
Katarina Vlniešková (SK/AT) - Dance https://www.proart-festival.cz/en/katarina-vlnieskova/
Martin Vraný (CZ) - Dance https://www.proart-festival.cz/en/martin-vrany/
Hana Zanin (CZ/AT) - Dance https://www.proart-festival.cz/en/hana-zanin-pauknerova/

More about BRNO HERE

Info: proart@proart-festival.cz / +420 732 21 21 53

Videopresentation of last two ProART Festival editions :

Financial support: Ministerstvo kultury ČR, St. město Brno, Rakouské kulturní fórum, Státní fond kultury, Česko-německý fond budoucnosti, Jihomoravský kraj, Liberecký kraj

Partner: Moravian Gallery - Brno

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