Eva Klimáčková


Dancer, choreographer and teacher born in Slovakia, she studied at the Academy of performing Arts in Bratislava. Afterwards, she participated in divers projects, in collaboration with other dancers, musicians, visual artists, actors, circus artists and choreographers in the following countries: in Slovakia (Anna Sedlackova, Studio tanca, Milan Kozanek, Kata Mojzisova, Marta Polakova...), in Czech rep. (co. Dejadonné, co. Duwadance), in France (Kubilai Khan Investigations, Laurent Goldring, Faustin Linyekula, co Petite Fabrique...), in Belgium (co. Dame de Pic – Karine Ponties, David Hernandez, Lise Duclaux) ...

She teaches regularly in Paris (Ménagerie de verre, Canaldanse), in Grenoble (Le Pacifique – CDC), in CESMD de Poitou-Charentes, in Brussels (Espace catastrophe, Lasterstudio), in Prague (ProArt, Dot 504, Druna), in Slovakia (Elledanse, National conservatory, Lab1), in Vietnam (National conservatory), in Congo (Studio Kabako)...

In 2007 she founded the company E7KA (based in Paris) and created following performances: solo Alzbeta Hlucha (2007), duet Alzbeta (2008), trio Ivanuska (2009), quartet Touch.ed (2011) and solos MOVE / (2013), presented in France, Slovakia, Czech republic, Slovenia, Germany and Hong Kong.

www.e7ka.com /  cie.e7ka@gmail.com

SEARCHING PROJECT ProART 2014 / 27. 7. - 3. 8.

Body as Voice - Word as Image

« In short, landscape is the link between our outer and inner selves. » (Bill Viola)

- 7days intensive choreographic couching project with a final presentation in the theatre NoD in centre of Prague.