Zdeněk Bína

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Czech guitarist, singer, composer and photographer, who became a recognized name mainly as a frontman for the group minus123minut, having played numerous concerts in not just the whole of Europe, but also in the USA. Together, they’ve produced six albums, won the Angel Award in the category Discovery of the Year (album ShoobaDooba) and were nominated two more times for the same award - in the category Rock Album of the Year (album Home) and Best Sound (album Mom).

During the hiatus that the “Minutes” had from 2009 to  2016, Zdeněk devoted all his time to his acoustic project. His natural musical expression is improvisation and blending of various musical  styles - soul, jazz, funk and ethnic music. Along with bass guitarist Jan Urbanec, he performed in 2010 at the prestigious jazz festival 9Gates in Beijing, PRC. In 2015, his first solo album came out entitled Bird. For precise interpretation of his musical impressions, he decided not only to create his own compositions and write his own lyrics, but also to record himself playing all the musical instruments.

At this time, another creative force entered his life that became an equal passion for him as music. First I only wanted to best capture life with our baby daughter Jasmínka. Then thanks to travel, I got deeper into photographing life on the streets – constantly having my camera with me, and forever having a changed view of reality, of people, of light and of situations created thanks to all of this. And thanks to his street photography, Zdeněk became the official ambassador of the company Carl Zeiss for the Czech Republic. He photographed its official 2018 calendar and has cooperated on a series of lectures and workshops.

Among Bína’s other achievements, we can include e.g. cooperation with Jan Hřebejk on the movie Up and Down and cooperation on the electronic project Mythematica, which won the 2009 Angel Award for Genre. For Czech Television's channel ČT D, he composed the music for the animated series No NoNo!.

At his musical workshops, Zdeněk accompanies musicians and artists through the world of their own creation, and explains how up on stage to view oneself and the audience, and what building this relationship brings in practice. He also attempts to fortify courage in spontaneous improvisation. In composition, he then lights a way that often strays from classic harmonic and rhythmic procedures, and encourages others to embark on their own unexplored path of fantasies.

During the photo workshops, he tries to awaken true passion for photography, he forces photographers and artists to always keep the camera handy, and explains the techniques and procedures for taking street, reportage, portrait and even wedding photography. He uncovers everything he arrived at during his travels - what is important and what is not, and how to communicate with people when taking photos.







ProART Festival 2018

Liberec 17. 6.

Pilsen 12. 7.

Brno 16. + 17. 7.

Musical and singing workshop + Photoworkshop (17. 7.)


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