Florent Golfier

GolfierPhoto: Marek Procházka

Florent Golfier (*1990) was born in the French town of Nancy, where he first studied theatre. He later ended up at the Studio for Clown, Stage, and Film Creation at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts (JAMU) in Brno, where he began to work with physical theatre and modern dance. In 2014, he created an original solo piece, Umbilicus, and since 2013 he has collaborated with Lukáš Karásek on various projects, including Tešlon and Frkl, Les Fantômes, Pierer and Výš/Higher, which they have performed both in the Czech Republic and abroad. He has also performed in other people’s works, including Pisum Sativum (Karine Ponties, 2012), Anatomy of the Body in Dance (Carlo Locatelli, 2014), Mimo provoz and Chyba (Vít Nezval, 2015, 2017), „12" and Stafet (Kitt Johnson, 2015, 2017), as well as the tYhle ensemble’s works „One“ and LEGOrytmus (Marie Gourdain, 2016, 2017).

ProART Festival 2018

Brno, 16. 7.


In between mouvement theater and new circus, the workshop will deal with ground mouvement and balancing (so-called floorwork), body releasing and the fun connected to it. The goal of the workshop is that everyone learn and explore new technical elements to developpe with them his own way of floorworking. We will aspecially focus on spontaneity and the capacity of self surprising. We will start with the warm-up from the danish choreographer Kitt Johnson, wich is dealing with body and space perception.
Then we will learn some basic technics of ground balancing such as headstand or different way of handstand. We will also try unusual ground technics that Florent Golfier developed within the creation of the performance Umbilicus and Mimo Provoz.
In a similar way we will go through basics of floorwork technics to go in for more specific princips of release to and repel the floor that were developpe for the performance Un from Marie Gourdain.
At the end we will try different exercices and ways of improvisation sothat everyone find his own way of „rolling on the floor“.