Born in Italy, Nicola begins his artistic career in Cagliari, his hometown; then continues his studies in Florence and Madrid. It is in Madrid where he graduated at the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Mariemma; he has the opportunity to dance the repertoire of Pedro Berdäyes and Jose Reches and he receives the Extraordinary Dance Prize of the city of Madrid.
In 2013 he settled in Paris and he continued his professional career by being part of the various artistic projects in France and abroad.
He has the opportunity to dance for different companies and to assist the work of various choreographers: Vortice Dance Company (PT), LD'A Company - Linea D'Aria (FR), Laura Scozzi, Compagnie Emoi (FR), Compagnie E7KA - Eva Klimackova (FR), Compagnie Caminante (BE).
Currently he continues his artistic research as a dancer, assistant choreographer and teacher for different dance centers in Europe. 

ProART Festival 2018

Brno, 16. - 18. 7.

Contemporary dance

Inspired by the release technique, Nicola propose to we explore ground support, weight transfers and body alignment. While maintaining a certain sensory availability, we will work the qualities of fluidity and lightness without losing the effectiveness of muscular work. With sequences and exercises we will experience various body coordination, the weight in the vertical and the spiral in the movement. We will give space to creativity and imagination through elements of improvisation, always privileging listening to the working group and awareness of the space in which the movement is inserted.