Alena Pajasová

undefined Alena Pajasová was from 2004-2015 the chairman of ProART organization, executive director of ProART Festival and manager of ProART Company theatre projects. She graduated the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and Pedagogical faculty - both on Charles Univerzity in Prague.

Born in Czech Republic. After gymnastic childhood she graduated from dance training in various courses and workshops in ballet, modern and contemporary dance. In 2004 she co-founded ProART Company and ProART festival and she is the ProART executive director. Last ten years she performes as a member of ProART Company and also as a freelance dancer in independent dance projects. In addition to many performances in the Czech Republic, she performed also on tours in Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Israel, Hungary, South Korea and Switzerland. In Prague (CZ) she long years worked as a teacher of dance for children (Ciel Bleu International School, Green Tree Early Learning Centre, Bumble Bee School, Riverside School) and adults (ProART workshops, Dance Perfect Studio). Since 2010 she lives in Switzerland and teaches there again dance and czech language classes for children, and works as the chairmen od Czech Club Zurich as well.

ProART Festival 2018

BRNO, 16. - 20. 7.

DANCE without prejudice (Dance workshop not only for Gypsies)

Contemporary dance class

For my contemporary dance class dancers can come from any training background, ranging from classical ballet to break-dancing, and they can integrate the bodywork techniques into their dance. I am also used to work with non-dancers. My style places a heavy emphasis on the connection between mind and body. It often involves a great deal of playing with balance, floorwork, fall and recovery, and improvisation.
During short and longer movement sequences we will focus on initiation and graduality of movement, and linking it with our breathing.


My floorwork class focuses in soft use of the floor as the partner. This is a physical, versatile class. We focus on releasing the body and its weight by letting the energy pass organically trough the joints and bone structures. The use of projection in space, natural moments of swings and spirals enables us to move easily in and out of the floor. This is a dynamic class where we pay attention to:Doing what is nessecary for the execution of the demanded movements and nothing more. It makes us move fast, big and grounded, and this efficiency allows us to drop unnecesary (muscle) tensions. With that extra space we can focus on “being” there: including the space, ohters and music into our dance.

VIDEO LINK: Kdopak by se bál?