Zdeněk Král, Ph.D.


(born 22.2.1971, Česká Lípa, Czech Republic)
He is a composer, pianist, performer, author of children's books.
He focuses mainly on the composition of scenic and film music, classical music, concerts of piano improvisation and piano transcriptions and adaptations, writing children's books and television productions.

Conservatory in Teplice v Čechách (double bass)
Jaroslav Ježek Jazz Conservatory in Praque (piano)
Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno (composition)
Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno (doctoral studies)
Composing courses led by composers Sofia Gubajdulina and Luis de Pablo, the study of electronic music under the direction of Daniel Forró

Presentation and awards
1st Prize of the Composition Contest Generation for the Barriers composition
Presentation of the Barriers, Tribuna of Composers in Paris
3rd Prize of Composition Contest Generation for Footsteps of Them
Trstěnice Prize for Shamanyka
The Theater Award 2015 for the Music of play The Diary of Anne Frank
Finalist of the International Pianist Competition 2017
Finalist of The UK Songwriting Contest in London 2017

ProART Festival 2018

Brno, 21. 7. 

Piano improvisations

1. Introduction to piano improvisation, accompaniment of folk songs
2. Piano transcriptions of film soundtracks, accompaniment creation
3. Composition of scenic music - basics, listening to samples
4. Creating song accompaniments with Garage Band app - basics