Katarína Vlniešková

Vlnka photo head was born in Bratislava, Slovakia. Katarina graduated at The University for Music and Performing Arts in Bratislava /SK/, holds MA degree in Pedagogy of modern dance. She started her dance education by Mrs. Dagmar Puobišová and in Dance Theater Bralen. Whole her dance career is touched by Mr. Joe Alegado, who had a major influence in her profesional growth. She was his student, later dancer, workshop and choreography assistent and collaborator for many years. 
She danced in Dance Theater Bralen, Torzo Ballet, Bratislava Dance Theater, Theater Nová Scéna, Túlave Divadlo /SK/, Szeged Contemporary Ballet/HU/, Volksoper Wien - Tanz Theater Wien, Aktions Theater Ensamble /A/ and in projects in Slovakia, Spain, Scotland. Since 2005 she also intensively works as dance teacher mostly in Slovakia, Austria and Czech Republic.

ProART Festival 2018

BRNO 17. - 21. 7.


Modern Limon

I use my personal dance and performing experiences to give the students not just a technical information and physical experience, but to help them to grow as performers. 
My class is bassed on principles of Limón technique. I work with natural principles as ... fall of the waight (as movement impulse-swing movement quality), breath (as natural and essential part of our existence in connection with the movement), use of the floor (wich is our constant support), imagination (wich helps us to sense and feel the body, the movement more sensitive)... 
These principles I combine with the floor work wich helps the body to soften, release, helps the body to connect, trust and use the floor as a partner. Besides the technical clarity and I try to guide the dancers to feel and understand their body, to feel the movement in connection with the music, with the space as a physical, mental and emotional unigue.