Kristýna Frejová


Kristýna Frejová was born 26.10. 1971 in Prague. In 1990 she started studying at DAMU under leadership of director Luboš Pistorius and her main pedagogue was actor Jiří Adamíra. Leadership of these two strong characters clearly defined her approach towards both acting and theatre.
The most important for her was meeting with such directors as Jiří Vymětal, Roman Polák, Sergei Fedotov and Dodo Gombár and working with them on many theatrical projects. For example Vojcek, Idiot, Racek,  Slepice, Crash u potoka, Merlin etc.
She set up the Herecké Studio Švandova divadla with Martina Kratka and since then they have created workshop team there. Their professional meeting was at birth Cry Baby Cry production. Author’s comedy in Švandovo divadlo.
From 2012 she has been teaching at VOŠ of acting and she has producted several international workshops in Valdštejnská lodžie.
She is a freelancer and she cooperates with many theatres in Prague. (Švandovo divadlo, MeetFactory, Ungelt, Komorní Fidlovačka...)
She played in several films a TV series. (Příběh kmotra, Kanárek, Děda, Rapl, Modrý kód...)

Martina Krátká


Martina Krátká
In her childhood, she became a member of the children amateur club in the theatre “Husa na provázku”. She studied Clownich-Scenic and Film Art led by Professor Ctibor Turba at The Janacek Acadamy of Music and Performing Arts (JAMU). After the 3-year study, she continued her studies at a department of Dramatic Art under the leadership of Professor Nika Brettschneiderová. After finishing her studies she signed out the engagement in the theatre “Husa na provázku”. In 2006, she became one of the founding members of the Civic Society “Služebníci lorda Alfreda” (“Lord Alfred´s Servats”) focusing especially on the alternative, nonverbal and motion theatre. In this period, she mostly devoted her time on her own direction (productions: „Spíš se mnou?“(“Do you sleep with me?”), „Spadlo z nebe“ (“Fallen from the Sky?”), „Vražda pro pár vidliček“ (“Murder for a few forks”) etc.). She worked as well as in the theatre “Divadlo U stolu”, “Polárka”, or “Reduta”. She wrote and directed the production „Rape Me!“ for the theatre “HaDivadlo” in Brno. Since 2009 she has been working as an external specialist at JAMU in Brno. Since 2011 she has been the member of the theatre company in the theatre “Švandovo Divadlo” in Prague. In the period 2012-13 the production „CRY BABY CRY“ came into being under her direction in “Švandovo Divadlo”. This particular production will celebrate already the 130th performance. Other productions: an evening cycle called „Dekabaret“ (“Decabaret”) and the production “Slušný člověk” (“Respectable man”) on the motives of the novel by Karel Čapek. She leads workshops in “Švandovo Divadlo”, summer workshops of commedie dell´arte in Velké Losiny, summer courses and workshops focusing on the “theatre of masks” for the students of JAMU, as well as DAMU. In September 2014 she took the initiative to form a special actor studio in “Švandovo Divadlo”, there she works as one of the instructors. She prepared with the actor studio productions “REM fáze“ (“REM phase”) and “Kytice” (“Bunch of Flowers”) using the motives of the poet Karel Jaromír Erben. The cooperation with “o.s. Taška Kladno” won for her the award for the best film screenplay on the Mentalpower festival. At present she plays in the productions of “Švandovo Divadlo”.

ProART Festival 2018

Liberec, 14. - 15. 6.

Brno, 16. - 20. 7.

Acting Workshop
Dramaturgic workshop guided by lectors Kristyna Frejova and Martina Kratka links thought of two worlds.One of them is body language a the second one is technic of spoken word.
We have been captivated by clash of two different worlds, mundane and aquatic, intuitive straightforwardly natural and conform civilization. Drama of Jean Giraudoux "Ondina" is for us basic material for onstage fragment.That will be issue of the workshop. Apart from fairy-tale motive, there is text,that brings humour and pointedly calls ancient struggle between truth and lie, honesty and pretence, faithfulness and betrayal.
Students will learn how to use basic technic of correct breathing, diction, stage timing and rhytm of a dramatic situation.
Together we will analyze text and its meaning towards tractable and free  interpretation.
Idea versus body is parallel subject of the workshop.
Work with a mask and motional improvisation should offer adepts of study of acting or ardent theatrical amateurs, flying touch of further dramatic technic.