ProART Festival Program 2013


BRNO 20. 7. - 28. 7.

DnO = Divadlo na Orlí / Hudebně-dramatická laboratoř JAMU

  • Sa 20. 7. / 20:00 / DnO

Catherine Guerin / Darrel Toulon - the alpha group (A): SCHIZ

Choreography: Catherine Guerin

Dance: Darrel Toulon

SCHIZ is a diverse contemporary dance reflection of the body and its manipulation. Historic sources for this immense topic about a genius and madness, illness and prejudice lie in the real diary of an extraordinary dancer of a Polish-Russian origin, Václav Nižinský. These notes from a diary dated 1919 accompany his personal downward spiral towards madness. The schizophrenic state and its shocking commentary in the moment of the actual writing, is fascinating. For centuries the dance is found as a medium of madness. This history is mapped out in the art itself from antique to date. The performance of an American Catherine Guerin is tailored to the artistic director of “Ballet Graz” and the independent dance ensemble "the alpha group" of Darrel Toulon.


Lóránd Zachár / Budapest Dance Theatre (H): SEC

Choreography: Lóránd Zachár

Dance: Levente Bálint, Dalma Domán, Tamás Hegedűs, Tamás Kiss, Alexandra Sághy, Kata Stáry, Dzsennifer Vattai

The eternal mysteries of birth and death bring up unanswered questions. We are parts of death even at the moment of our conception by sinking in the inevitable maelstrom of time towards our destiny. Under normal circumstances there is no reason that could explain, or will that could affect these processes. Our lives and our deaths are not our decisions.

At the end of our physical existence we see the complete film of our lives. Perhaps this is the moment which is really important for our Creator, the gigantic consciousness; because it is at this point that we transmit all the experiences of a lifetime towards it as the last spark of our final thought.

  • Su 21. 7. / 20:00 / DnO

Martin Dvořák - Isira Makuloluwe / ProART Company (CZ): STRING QUARTETS

Choreography: Martin Dvořák a Isira Makuloluwe

Dance: Irene Bauer, Martin Dvořák, Alena Pajasová, Mirka Prokešová a Robin Sobek

Music: Leoš Janáček a Miloslav Ištvan

A new contemporary dance-theatre project from choreographers Martin Dvořák (CZ/A) and Isira Makuloluwe (CL/P) inspired by three literary works of Tolstoy / Janáčková / Neruda and performed with live music of three string quartets composed by Janáček / Ištvan.

All the literary, musical and choreographic works of the evening were created in different times and under different circumstances. Our goal is to find among them the elements that unite them. The audience therefore cannot follow a linear story with a clear beginning and end, nor three independent works. It is entirely up to the viewer's imagination which images and mutual connections will reveal in our evening. Only one thing is clear. The existence of these connections which are like the strings of a violin, viola and cello. These strings tie together emotions, thoughts and energy of people living and working in different times. They create an imaginary circle of  "passing" artistic creation, from which only time can turn them into relative earthly eternity and "permanent" artistic legacy.

  • Mo 22. 7. / 20:00 / DnO

Lucia Holinová / Elledanse (SK): FUGA

Choreography and direction: Lucia Holinová

Music: MED - Vladimír Slama, Vladimír Holina, Juraj Raši a Tomáš Ďurovka

Dance and choreography: Soňa Ferienčíková, Michaela Nezvalová, Radoslav Piovarči a Miro Janík

How people behave in private and in public? That is an inspirational source for a Director and Choreographer Lucie Holinová. Through the contemporary dance, hip-hop and rock she reveals bit by bit the stories, sitautions and relationships which we witness every day, yet which remain hidden to our consciousness. Vivid rock music of MED Group intensifies the power of dance.


Jozef Vlk - Stanislava Vlčeková / Debris Company (SK): KOLÍSKY

Direction: Jozef Vlk

Choreography: Stanislava Vlčeková

Music: David Kollar, Jozef Vlk

Performing: Mária Breinerová, Jozef Jurčišin-Kukľa, Štefan Martinovič, Marta Maťová

Coordinates, chessboard, mine field, labyrinth and uncompromising structure. This is where the Kolísky authors squeezed in their own, not very comforting analysis of relationships between men and women in today’s world. Debris Company belongs among the pillars of physical theatre in Slovakia. Long term experience, rich staging tradition and experience with nonverbal interpretation of heavy and intimate topics form a good presumption for the creation of an attractive scene on the frontier between a dance and theatre.

  • Tu 23. 7. / 20:00 / DnO - open air před divadlem

TANČÍRNA pro studenty, jejich pedagogy a všechny tancechtivé

Music: Richard Pohl a Edgar Omar Rojas Ruiz

After years of improvisational jam sessions of hosting pedagogues the jubilee tenth year of ProART Festival brings news in the form of summer dancery for students, pedagogues and all who like to dance. Free entrance, inspiration is welcome.

  • We 24. 7. / 20:00 / DnO


Performing: Nir Ben Gal (IL), Sun Bee Han (ROK/UK), Martin Dvořák (CZ/A), Béla Földi (H), Graffovo kvarteto (CZ), Leona Qaša Kvasnicová (CZ), Isira Makuloluwe (CL/UK), Petra Padriánová (CZ), Richard Pohl (CZ), Omar Rojas (MEX/CZ), Lenka Růžičková (CZ), Aleš Slanina (CZ), Eric Trottier (CAN/D)

Traditional festival meeting of international teachers in extracts of their repertory in the genres as dance, singing, piano, guitar and string instruments.

  • Th 25. 7. / 18:00 / DnO foyer


Final workshops presentation of Edgar Omar Rojas Ruiz (guitar and electronic composition), Richard Pohl (piano) and Graffe Quartet (chamber music for string instruments)

  • Th 25. 7. / 20:00 / DnO


3 festival searching projects of Eric Trottier (dance) - Aleš Slanina (singing) - Štěpán Pácl (acting)


Martin Dvořák - Edgar Omar Rojas Ruiz: SFIDA FURIOSO / Who is me? (ProART Creation 2013)

Choreography and dance: Martin Dvořák

Music and composition: Edgar Omar Rojas Ruiz

Two independent artists – a dancer, choreographer and a composer, musician – meet on one stage with a topic of Piere Paolo Pasolini, his life and art. Italian writer, poet, screenwriter, director and rebel paid the highest price for his uncompromising life philosophy. His work, however, timelessly inspires and challenges to more art reflections, thoughts and contemplating about the sense of art work, sources of inspiration, doubts of the author, internal power to overcome them and the need to share something. “Furious resistance” is about the attempt of an individual to be one-self.

  • Fr 26. 7. / 17:30 / DnO

IMPROVIZACE V PROSTORU - závěrečné gala studentů ProART Festivalu 2013

Gala of the paticipants of festival workshops (dance + photography) under international teachers leading - Petra Padriánová, Béla Földi, Eric Trottier, Isira Makuloluwe, Leona Qaša Kvasnicová, Lenka Růžičková, Sun Bee Han, Roman Sejkot.

  • Fr 26. 7. / 20:00 / outdoor před divadlem + DnO

BODY BUILDINGS - tanečně-pohybový outdoor projekt Nira Ben Gala

A seven-day project whose aim is the search for dance invention in an outdoor environment and discovering the sources of dancer´s inspiration.


Liat Dror / Liat Dror Nir Ben Gal Dance Company (IL): ZEN DANCE

Choreography: Liat Dror

Music: Iva Bittová

Dance: Shiri Teicher, Shiri Bar On, Michal Arazi, Yair Lisaey, Avital Ifargan, Eliran Silver

Sometimes you have to let things be as they are, not interfere, like taking a step back and take a deep breath. Look at them for a moment as they are and not as we think they should be. Give direction to the word, action, movement and allow circuits around them just to be.

Sometimes we can be side to side, just like that, like two trees on the avenue, without coveting, without wanting something. - Sometimes things are just the way they are.

  • Sa 27. 7. / 20:00 / DnO

Félix Duméril / T 4 2 Dance Projects (CH): MUKASHI MUKASHI

Choreography: Misato Inoue & Félix Duméril in collaboration with the dancers

Dance: Misato Inoue, Félix Duméril, Michel Pascault, Nina Stadler

This piece is largely inspired by fairy tales, where characters operate on a fantastic level. Plants, animals and stars have the ability to speak. Transformations are used as punishment or reward. Even though fairy tales are fantastical they are still relevant today – people and things are not always what they seem. Even the people who are close to us can sometimes surprise us. Do we ever really know who are neighbours are – or even ourselves? We all have the capacity for good and evil and go through life playing various roles, adjusting to new circumstances and situations in order to survive.

  • Su 28. 7. / 20:00 / DnO

Anet Fröhlicher / Cie El Contrabando (CH): ON_LINE__

Choreography: Anet Fröhlicher

Music composition: Abdullah Benabdallah

Dance: Bella La Paloma, Anja Preuss, Anna Natt, Raphaela Stern

In a stage installation with four washing machines on work, the dancers move about online. Swimming in the business society, driven by washing powder. The pulsating of the stock exchange, of the world of fashion and business with their ups and downs as the pulse for the dance. Kick and crash – the dynamic of the stock exchange, cocaine, flamenco. The production begins with a stock exchange bolero, a slow choreography that steadily builds, everyday life at the stock exchange with a crash, danced on the operating washing machines. Then the wash program changes. The bodies go through a wash program of circumstances. The running washing machines as metaphors for the uninterrupted online status. The drum of the machine comparable to a person’s brain. The washing machines as platforms for the brokers, catwalks for the models, stages for the dancers. Streaked and illuminated by white neon lights, they convey the image of a world of design and lifestyle.