XI. ProART Festival 2014 - ProART Company


International Days of Dance, Singing, Acting and Photography

Prague 29/7 - 3/8 Experimentální prostor Roxy / NoD

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Tue 29/7/20:00 200/130/0 Kč

Martin Dvořák (CZ/A) / ProART Company (CZ): USPUD_emoticon

Uspud is a musical theatre piece from 1892 and the author identified it as a "Christian ballet in three acts" with a text by J. P. Contamine de Latour. To date, however, it is unclear in what way the text should be presented in the ballet, there is no direct link to the score. The text is not composed to the notes or the rhythm, it is only there and encourages to a free directorial and interpretative rendition. A strange and complicated piece is a parody and a serious act at the same time, an incomplete and "inexecutable" conceptual gesture. What Satie meant by it is unclear. The music can not be played on instruments referred to in the score. The work is often seen as a parody of an opera and the then Wagnerian Gesamtkunstwerk. The piece is a synthesis of music, movement, text and conceptual vision.

The concept of the Emoticon choreography in the second part of the evening is marked by conflicts of the old and new, the past and present. An acoustic piano piece alludes to 21st century electronic compositions and breaks into a new shape, closer to listeners of today's young generation. Both artists – Irene Bauer and Martin Dvořák – are looking for a possible dialogue between the fixed structure of Satie's score and the free sound of Hodge and Kirmann.

Choreography: Martin Dvořák

Music: Erik Satie, Tom Hodge, Franz Kirmann

Performance: Irene Bauer, Martin Dvořák, Aleš Slanina, Richard Pohl (piano)

Trailer USPUD here

Trailer EMOTICON here

USPUD Emoticon


Wed 30/7/20:00 250/160/0 Kč

Nadar Rosano (IL): OFF_LINE

Eva Klimáčková (SK/F): MOVE

Nadar Rosano (IL): ASPHALT

OFF_LINE - When barriers are built to prevent movement from one point to another, or to separate between two populations, it is because of political situations, or emotional boundaries. We tend to wrap ourselves in walls to prevent others from reaching us, keeping ourselves insulated, and in turn, hindering others all together. The essence of the dance creation, addresses personal and political barriers and try to identify the root of the problem between neighbors, strangers and lovers.

Choreography: Nadar Rosano

Sound Design: Yair Leo Sugarman and Noam Helfer

Music: Arvo Pärt

Dance: Nadar Rosano, Adi Weinberg

VIDEO trailer HERE

MOVE – The solo piece for one dance MOVE/ au masculin I created in 2013. Later on I took over the role myself. Entering the male body caused intensification of this androgenic tension and non-definition, strangeness of the body itself. I wished to continue this research and monitoring, search in the deeper gender tension and body mutation. MOVE situated in the futuristic continuum by its design captures the body hybridity in the metaphore of human being, in the female-male duality, beast or a future being. I was creating the piece during the time of my pregnancy. It was a subconscious creative process inspired and influenced by this natural mutation taking place in my body.  The inner feelings and new perception of space was accompanied by images, senses and questions about our origin.

Choreography, dance: Eva Klimáčková

VIDEO trailer HERE

Music: Ayel Ramos

ASPHALT - Three are meeting on asphalt, looking for a soft place and there is a cat...

Choreography: Nadar Rosano

Music: David Bowie

Sound: Nir Kleiman

Dance: Adi Weinberg, Nadar Rosano, Yochai Ginton

VIDEO trailer HERE



Thu 31/7/20:00 200/130/0 Kč

Martin Dvořák (CZ/A), Irene Bauer (A) / ProART Company (CZ): Milada

Veronica Sassi (IT) / Compagnia MDdanza (IT): HISTOIRE D'AMOUR - Tristan and Isolde, and the mystery of fidelity

Nir Ben Gal (IL) / ProART Company (CZ): JAN

Milada is inspired by a court proceeding followed by a good bye letter authored by the most famous victim of the judicial murder during the communist political processes in the 50's of the past century who was convicted guilty for fabricated conspiracy and treason – Milada Horáková. She was the only woman executed during these processes. Thanks to her intransigence during her court hearing she became a symbol of the resistance against the totality of the governing communist party. The motional and expressional register reflects the everlasting and emotional part of human being who is fully aware of her innocence yet is strong enough to testify to her disadvantage. The inevitable death she accepts with serenity, peace and forgiveness. The choreographic process explores the emotional influence on movements, muscular tension, space usage, dynamics, etc.

"I fall, I fall, I lost this fight, I'm going honestly. I love this country, I love the people, build his welfare. I'm leaving without hatred towards you. I wish you, I wish you..." Milada Horáková

Choreography, concept: Martin Dvořák

Music: Franz Schubert (Impromptu c-Moll), C-Schulz and Hajsch

Choreography, performance: Irene Bauer

Histoire D´Amour - Isolde is married to another man, for this reason the love between Tristan and her is a dramatic, painful and moving. It is also illegal, as it is adulterous.

Everybody knows the joy of fidelity, but also the pain you feel when this effort fails and we know the painful uncertainty which generates a report that does not appear to balance. Anyway, we suffer for the fact that moralism tends to make us see fidelity as an emotional blackmail, as a moral prison.

Concept,direction and choreography: Veronica Sassi

Dance: Martina Ronchetti, Alessio Vanzini

VIDEO trailer HERE

Jan - Our history is full of violence and resistance to oppression. Is violence the only way to fight the repression? Is it possible to look for a different way? A lot of times the violence, oppression and resistance can be found in my face, in my body, my intent and not as an external factor like in a cruel regime or occupying power. With dance, lets try to find ways to love without resistance. Move without suppression. This piece is dedicated to the memory of Jan Palach.

"People must fight against the evil they feel equal to at that moment." Jan Palach

Choreography: Nir Ben Gal

Music: Philip Glass

Dance: Irene Bauer, Martin Dvořák, Alena Pajasová

Jan 2. jpg Histoire d amour JAN


Fri 1/8/20:00 250/160/0 Kč

Fenia Apostolou (GR) - Konstantinos Kasiaris (GR) / Lydia Lithos Dancetheatre & Torus Knot Dance Company (GR): THE THREE MUSKETEERS

The Three Musketeers - a full-length dance drama for five dancers, inspired by the novel of Alexandre Dumas.  The dance drama touches on themes such as social collectivity, friendship, loyalty, betrayal, abandonment, forgiveness, team bonding and belonging.  The performance runs in three time periods.  Starting point is the Baroque, when the upliftment of the human spirit came through passion and exaggerated guilt similar to Milady’s guilty secrets and intrigues.  Passing to another golden era of excess, which is that of 1970s, we see the characters as members of a "wild" rock band and our awe-inspiring attempt to uphold human proportions.  The modern era finds the three musketeers as roommates in a city and rhythm makes it imperative to redefine values ​​such as protecting your fellow man-friend and promoting group action.

Concept, direction, choreography: Fenia Apostolou

Acrobatic choreographer: Konstantinos Kasiaris

Music: Lazy Bucaneer, Xenia Alexandrou

Costumes, set: Evdokia Veropoulou

Dance: Vasia Karavokiri, Ilias Bageorge, Alexander Stavropoulos, Nick Kalivas, Stratos Nikolaidis

VIDEO trailer HERE

The Three Musketeers photo2 The Three Musketeers photo4 The Three Musketeers photo3


Sat 2/8/20:00 230/140/0 Kč

Gina Battistich (A): Out of Living (performance research)

Renana Raz (IL) / Company elledanse (SK): YouMake ReMake

Out of Living - How does a system react to instability to a play with balance and equilibrium? A structure or system, in this case the body of the performer, is forced to reorganize. On a micro level of the body the performance deals with in/stability and on a larger scale it raises issues about financial speculation.

The performance is a research about how these two layers can interrelate. With a sense of humor and irony Out of Living goes from show to lecture performance to casino gambling. In the end is stability in a fluid, complex, unpredictable world not an illusion?

Concept, performance: Gina Battistich

YouMake ReMake is multigender performance in the form of a life action and YouTube videos dialogue. During the show the audience has the opportunity to experience both reactions – the remake and the original video. Chain of artistic reactions to a YouTube video as a source of endless inspiration. YouMake ReMake is not just a replication, more a commentary casting new light on the meaning of the videos. It is a form of a dialogue, where the stage meets the web - and continue walking together.

Renana Raz represents a leading voice of the young Israeli choreographers. She participates on various fields of the art genders -  as a choreographer, a stage dancer as well as on the film or television screen. She was repeatedly awarded for her choreography work by the Ministry of Culture of Israel.

Choreography: Renana Raz

Music: Hillel Kogan

Dance: Zuzana Hianiková, Zuzana Sehnalová, Zuzana Kočišová, Dana Okáliová, Michaela Šimonová, Jana Šuchová, Stanislav Stanek, Pavol Kovalčík, Rado Pivoarči a Michal Heriban

VIDEO trailer HERE



Sun 3/8/18:00 150/100 Kč

Hlasy talentů

- final gala of participants Bára Basiková´s singing masterclass

Lucie Ferenzová (CZ), Eva Klimáčková (SK/F): Body as Voice - Word as Image

- student´s searching projects (dance + theatre) with crossingborder topic Body as Voice - Word as Image

Hlasy talentu - BARA BASIKOVA TELO JAKO HLAS Body as Voice


Sun 3/8/20:00 200/130/0 Kč

Jan Březina (CZ) - Eran Gisin (IL) - Eva Klimáčková (SK/F) - Neil Paris (UK) - Vladislav Benito Šoltýs (SK) - Bärbel Stenzenberger (D) - Leonie Wahl (CH/A) - Gabriel Wong (MAL/D) / ProART Company (CZ): MOTION SCORES I-VIII

- preview of 10 international choreographers project with music of 10 Czech composers created for Year of Czech music 2014