XI. ProART Festival 2014

Singing Masterclass with Iva Bittová


19th and 20th of July - Brno: Divadlo na Orlí (Musical - Theatre Laboratory of JAMU) + Českobratrský evangelický chrám Jana Amose Komenského (Červený kostel)

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Sat 2:00pm - 5:00pm (DnO) + 6:00pm - 9:00pm (Červený kostel)
Sun 10:00am - 2:00pm (DnO) + 3:00pm - 6:00pm (Červený kostel)

Leadership of the workshop will take one of the most important person of Czech alternative
scene, artist of countless musical faces, Iva Bittova, who will open the door to the world of
improvisation and composition for you.
During the weekend workshop called “Body as a Voice, Word as an Image”, she will show to
participants various ways to wake up their musical thinking and how to express themselves
through the music.

“The most important is open mind and lot of energy. I am trying to make participants express 
their deepest emotions, to put their soul into the sound so we can wake the flow of creativity 
right in workshop.” as Iva Bittová describes the workshop.
Singer, violinist and composer Iva Bittova is noticeable person both Czech and World music. 
Nowadays she lives in USA, despite she performs regularly in Czech Republic she leads
the workshops only abroad. During the workshop Iva Bittova will offer to participants insight
to her unique attitude to improvisation and composition. Special attention will be given to 
influence of natural sounds which in case of Iva Bittova herself create a higher level of her
classic technique. 
Iva Bittová belongs to most noticeable persons of Czech alternative scene in international 
context. She has been through many musical genres from alternative music through 
experimental jazz and rock to opera and classical music. She excels in her personal use of 
voice, preference of melodies which link to musical avant-garde and pure children ditties.

Requirements for participants are as teacher says “some contact with music world” so 
we expect that they will be used to express through the music or give it some efforts. We 
also expect that participants will be ready to be a part in hard collective work. Capacity of 
workshop is reduced to 30 persons.

Prices of workshop:

Two days - 150 euro

One day - 90 euro (we prefer applications for both days)

Orders for 5 or more persons will receive 20 % discount, 10 or more persons will get 30 %

For applications please contact this email: office@proart-festival.cz.

We will confirm your registration in the workshop and ask you for payment to the ProART bank
account within 7 days:

IBAN: CZ6420100000002100058831
BANK:Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, Praha 1
Account holder: ProART



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