ProART Festival 2012 PRAGUE

Theatre performances programm

29. 7. 5. 8.

NoD - Experimentální prostor Roxy/NoD, Dlouhá 33, 110 00 Praha 1

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29. 7. 20h NoD (250/160/0Kč)


Zawirowania Dance Theatre (PL): CLOSENESS

Derwish in Progress

This individual act is about one's personal, artistic analysis of traditional Sufi dances and their interpretation. Western influences form a very important component in each part of the act, however, noticeably differently designed. This is about physical feats meeting mysticism, East meeting West, the past meeting the present.

Concept, choreography, performing: Ziya Azazi

Music: Mercan Dede



The starting point of the performance is a question, if we are in a relationship with another person for real, or only with our own vision of our partner. Poetic images show relations that become distorted with time passing by. A man is confronted with an ideal of masculinity created by a woman.

Performing: Elwira Piorun, Karolina Kroczak, Szymon Osiński

Choreografphy: kolektiv

30. 7. 20h NoD (250/160/0Kč)

Liat Dror, Nir Ben Gal (IL) / Liat Dror Nir Ben Gal Dance Company (IL): UP CHI DOWN CHI

The new performance featuring 6 dancers and 4 street lights. The two choreographers once again started creating together after a period of separate works. The music is composed by the extremely talented musical genius Nicolas Jaar and costumes are made by a world known fashion designer Kedem Sasson who creates straight from his gut feelings. As a choreographer of shapes and patterns his work appears on stage as sculpted, asymmetrical, surprising games of fabric. Eliran Silver, who is taking part in the performance, is also responsible for lighting.

According to Far Eastern traditions, Chi is life energy, causing change, reproduction, movement. “Up Chi“ is the sound that we make when we sneeze and implies an uplifting of the Chi.

At the end of an activity, at the end of a holiday; as soon as the sun goes down, we feel at times “DOWN“. A situation that makes us feel soulless, we are left empty. Before a party, before a meeting, in a spring morning, we feel "HIGH", the excitement, the curiosity, the joy elevates us.

And then, unexpectedly, a word, a departure, from what seems as a failure again we are shrouded by "down pulling down".

“Up chi down chi" touches the meeting point between the two and brings to us a different observation to "UP“ and “DOWN“, the road on which we climb and the road on which we descend.

The work allows us to accept them calmly and with maturity like two sides of a mountain, as we stay put and the sun and the moon change places.

Choreography: Liat Dror, Nir Ben Gal

Music: Nicolas Jaar

Costumes: Sasson Kedem

Lights: Eliran Silver

Performing: Michal Arazi, Avital Ifergan, Shiri Bar On, Yael Rosenstein, Liat Dror, Oriya Reich

31. 7. 20h NoD (200/120/0Kč)

ImProART + Michio Woirgardt (D)

A traditional festival dance teachers meeting in an improvised dance jam session. This year again accompanied by a respectable German electronic wizard Michio Woirgardt.

Performing: Konan Dayot, Martin Dvořák, Nataša Frantzi, Eran Gisin, Karolina Kroczak, Alex Kyriakoulis, Maura Morales, Věra Ondrašíková, Alena Pajasová and Hana Zanin

1. 8. 20h NoD (220/140/0Kč)

V. ŠoltýsB. NehálkaL. VágnerováP. Mašek / elledanse (SK): QUADRANS

Quadrans as ¼ of a whole. The whole as a person looking for himself in the complexity of human relationships. Mini-stories of seven artists full of plastic means of expression, dance vibrations, metaphysical gestures. The endless relationship between man and  woman with an ironic-sarcastic tone materializes in the form of thoroughbred dance and physically demanding partnering. Stage personas tired of the endless fighting each other often fall down on the ground to be returned by a computer to the game called Life. The very contemporary staging oscillates between dance abstraction and theater theatricality, full of expressive acting-movement characteristics of female-male psyche,  as well as of humor and irony.

1. Crack, chor.: V. Šoltýs, 20min.

2. Atlantis, chor.: B. Nahálka, 12min.

3. A few lost words, chor.: L.Vágnerová & P. Mašek, 45min.

Theme: Šárka Ondrišová

Choreography: Vladislav Šoltýs, Boris Nahálka, Lenka Vágnerová, Pavel Mašek

Music: Peter Groll

Lightdesign, animation: Tomáš Mezei

Scene: Tomáš Mezei, Matúš Bubák

Costumes: Matúš Bubák

Performing elledanse: Zuzana Hianiková, Zuzana Sehnalová, Klaudia Vargová, Stanislav Stanek, Pavol Kovalčík, Radoslav Piovarči

2. 8. 20h NoD (250/160Kč)


Gala of domestic and international personalities – teachers of ProART Festival 2012 – in extracts from their repertory.

Účinkují: Konan Dayot, Martin Dvořák, Josef Formánek, Natasa Frantzi, Eran Gisin, Karolina Kroczak, Alex Kyriakoulis, Maura Morales, Věra Ondrašíková, Peter Strenáčik, Michio Woirgardt and Hana Zanin.

3. 8. 20h NoD (220/140/0Kč)


Three works, three authors, a common title for the first time on one stage. Theatre-dance-music project.

Choreography and direction: Martin Dvořák

Music: Ludwig van Beethoven, Leoš Janáček

Theme: podle Lva N. Tolstého /Kreutzerova Sonáta/ a Sofie Tolsté /Otázka viny/

Scene and costumes: Jindra Rychlá

Performing: Irene Bauer, Alena Pajasová, Martin Dvořák, Robin Sobek

4. 8. 18:30h Kampa (0Kč)

Konan Dayot (F) + Věra Ondrašíková (CZ): SPACES TRANSLATIONS Bodies & Imaginations (outdoor project)

A seven-day project whose aim is the search for dance invention in an outdoor environment (parks, forests, along the river) and discovering in them the sources of dancer´s inspiration.

4. 8. 20h NoD (250/160/0Kč)

Isira Makuloluwe (CL/P) / Company ProART (CZ): ISTVAN (working title)

Hana a Attila Zanin (A) / Ich bin OK Dance Company (A): ALLE FÜR EINEN, EINER FÜR ALLE

Alex Kyriakoulis, Natasa Frantzi (GR/B) / La Verita Dance Company (GR/D): BEHIND THE BODY

Istvan (working title)

Isira Makuloluwe, a choreographer working on the route between Sri Lanka, France, England and Portugal, creates for domestic ProART Company to the music of a Czech composer Miloslav Ištvan.

Performing: Alena Pajasová a Martin Dvořák

Music: Miloslav Ištvan

Costumes: Jindra Rychlá


Alle für einen, einer für alle

It is good to have friends from childhood with whom you experience both good and bad. Like blood brothers and accomplices. Invent new ideas and overcome fears together. Friendship between boys that nothing and nobody can break. But what if suddenly love sparks...

Concept, Choreography: Hana and Attila Zanin

Performing: Kirin Espana, Simon Couvreur, Raphael Kadrnoska


Behind the Body

Everyone has his own personality, his own dreams and feelings, things that following him all time. All these affect the decisions and the way of living. How can we live without obligations and for how long should we carry them with us? La Verita Dance Company tries to show how we can live with restrictions and if there is any “light” that can eventually lighten our shadows and lead us in new directions.

Performing: Alex Kyriakoulis, Natasa Frantzi



5. 8. 17h NoD (200/120Kč)



Kamila Mottlová (CZ): AGAIN AND AGAIN

Outi Yli-Viikari (FIN) / Tanssi Boxi (FIN): ISTUVA RUMPU-SITTING DRUM

Gala of the participants of festival workshops (dance-creative writing-guitar) under international teachers leading – Martin Dvořák, Josef Formánek, Natasa Frantzi, Eran Gisin, Karolina Kroczak, Alex Kyriakoulis, Paul Leclaire, Michio Woirgardt a Hana Zanin.


Again and again

Again and again we try to define our goal. Unfortunately, we forget soon that the path that will lead us there is more important than the destination itself.

Choreography: Kamila Mottlová

Music: Jan Zázvůrek

Performing: Klára Kočárková, Lucie Šimůnková, Kamila Mottlová


Les Femmes Primitives

Two women imagine themselves in a primitive world, outside of bounds of modern society. Without a preconceived idea of how “femininity“ should look like, or a need to appear “normal“, they develop their own, personal versions of it, and perhaps of two different kinds (active-passive, strong-light). These two versions could be in harmony, in conflict or simply coexist and sometimes swap roles. Can we dream ourselves out? Are we a product of our own reality?

Choreography: Masha Gurina

Performing: Deborah Di Centa, Masha Gurina

Music: Original sound by Dan Gunning


Istuva Rumpu (short version)

In the center of performance is a fusion of a live percussion instrumental music and contemporary dance. On the stage, there are three dancers and a musician who is playing a large variety of percussion instruments. The performance paints a series of moving pieces of artworks from different times and themes in front of the audience.

Choreography: Outi Yli-Viikari

Music: Janne Tuomi

Performing: Katriina Kantola, Terhi Pinomäki-Lenick and Mia Tiihonen

5. 8. 20h NoD (200/120Kč)


3 festival searching projects of Maura Morales + Michio Woirgardt (dance), Peter Strenáčik (singing) and Štěpán Pácl (acting).