ProART Festival 2012 BRNO

Theatre performances programm

20. 7. – 28. 7.

DBPDivadlo Bolka Polívky, Jakubské náměstí 5

Stadion – Stadion, Kounicova 685/20

Kabinet MúzSukova 4

Tickets reservations - +420 737 672 176 or Divadlo Bolka Polívky - +420 542 214 903.


20. 7. 20h DBP (220/140/0Kč)


Carla Jordão (P) / Companhia de Dansa de Almada, Portugalsko: LA LIGNE DE VIE II

Derwish in Progress

Concept, choreography, performing: Ziya Azazi

Music: Mercan Dede

This individual act is about one's personal, artistic analysis of traditional Sufi dances and their interpretation. Western influences form a very important component in each part of the act, however, noticeably differently designed. This is about physical feats meeting mysticism, East meeting West, the past meeting the present.


La ligne de vie II.

Choreography, scene and costumes: Carla Jordão

Music: Michael Galasso, John Zorn

Lights: Cláudia Rodrigues

Performing: Débora Queiróz, Lucinda Saragga, Luciano Fialho, Nuno Gomes, Sofia Silva

Based on the work of artist René Magritte, the scene is represented in the universe of artistic painter, whose works marked an important period in art’s history. Five interpreters develop a narrative inserted in Magritte’s own language, characters present in various art works that are sometimes the artist himself. In the world of Magritte, the picture suggests a vision of “ambiguous puzzle“ that is solved by the spirit. The objects here, appeal to the memories, memory, imagination, seeking to represent images that were recognized. The mystery appears in associations that are previously thought, which at first glance, may not be visible to the observer, here lays the “mystery“ only to be discovered. In this choreographic piece “La Ligne de Vie II“, the viewer is transported to a specific narrative but also open, making possible a reading without limits to imagination.

21. 7. 20h DBP (200/130/0Kč)


Three works, three authors, a common title for the first time on one stage. Theatre-dance-music project.

Choreography and direction: Martin Dvořák

Music: Ludwig van Beethoven, Leoš Janáček

Theme: podle Lva N. Tolstého /Kreutzerova Sonáta/ a Sofie Tolsté /Otázka viny/

Scene and costumes: Jindra Rychlá

Performing: Irene Bauer, Alena Pajasová, Martin Dvořák, Robin Sobek

22. 7. 20h Stadion (220/140/0Kč)

V. ŠoltýsB. NahálkaL. VágnerováP. Mašek / elledanse (SK): QUADRANS

Quadrans as ¼ of a whole. The whole as a person looking for himself in the complexity of human relationships. Mini-stories of seven artists full of plastic means of expression, dance vibrations, metaphysical gestures. The endless relationship between man and  woman with an ironic-sarcastic tone materializes in the form of thoroughbred dance and physically demanding partnering. Stage personas tired of the endless fighting each other often fall down on the ground to be returned by a computer to the game called Life. The very contemporary staging oscillates between dance abstraction and theater theatricality, full of expressive acting-movement characteristics of female-male psyche,  as well as of humor and irony.

1. Crack, chor.: V. Šoltýs, 20min.

2. Atlantis, chor.: B. Nahálka, 12min.

3. A few lost words, chor.: L.Vágnerová & P. Mašek, 45min.

Theme: Šárka Ondrišová

Choreography: Vladislav Šoltýs, Boris Nahálka, Lenka Vágnerová, Pavel Mašek

Music: Peter Groll

Lightdesign, animation: Tomáš Mezei

Scene: Tomáš Mezei, Matúš Bubák

Costumes: Matúš Bubák

Performing elledanse: Zuzana Hianiková, Zuzana Sehnalová, Klaudia Vargová, Stanislav Stanek, Pavol Kovalčík, Radoslav Piovarči

23. 7. 20h Kabinet Múz (180/120/0Kč)

ImProART + Richard Pohl (CZ) a Edgar Omar Rojas Ruiz (MEX)

A traditional festival dance teachers meeting in an improvised dance jam session. This year along with respectable musicians – Richard Pohl – piano and electronic, Edgar Omar Rojas Ruiz – guitar.

Performing: Sunbee Hun, Martin Dvořák, Eran Gisin, Isira Makuloluwe, Alena Pajasová

24. 7. 20h Stadion (220/140/0Kč)

Juhász Zsolt (H) / Duna Táncműhely (H): ENGRAVEMENTS

The Hungarian dance group – Duna Táncműhely – is characteristic for connecting and searching for common ways for contemporary dance and national folklore.

Engravements is the second part of a trilogy. Similarly to the first part, Fossils, it reveals ancient remnants. Whilst the former performance focuses on the essence of ”woman-ness”, the latter sheds light on the primordial and mysterious ”man-ness”. Three engravements spring into existence in the choreographies: pagan rite, fulfilled  love and mythic tragedy. A man’s strength capable of surmounting the power of the nature in the first, swooned softness of loving and being loved in the second, as well as the hero facing and fighting with himself in the third – these are the different aspects of the same ”man-ness”. The choreography Engravements has roots in far ancient times, but proves their eternity at the same time.

Choreography and direction: Juhász Zsolt

Costumes: Erzsébet Túri

Lightdesign: Károly Lendvai

Performing: László Vámos, Nikolett Bednai, András Soós, Georgios Antonopoulos, Norbert Kolumbán

25. 7. 20h Kabinet Múz (220/140/0Kč)


Rosalie Wanka (A) / Cia Quiero Ser Agua (A): CASINAS

Zawirowania Dance Theatre (PL): CLOSENESS


Tango – a dance which fascinates us because it lets us create a world that does not exist, but we all believe in. Each time a new game starts in which every step or move questions the general rules. We do not claim to dance tango or contemporary dance, we just play with concepts, rules and movement. It's just an experiment, a game where even we do not know the outcome.

Theme, choreografphy: Rosalie Wanka

Performing: Tamara Kronheim, Rosalie Wanka


The starting point of the performance is a question, if we are in a relationship with another person for real, or only with our own vision of our partner. Poetic images show relations that become distorted with time passing by. A man is confronted with an
ideal of masculinity created by a woman.

Performing: Elwira Piorun, Karolina Kroczak, Szymon Osiński

Choreography: kolektiv

26. 7. 20h DBP (240/160Kč)


Gala of domestic and international personalities – teachers of ProART Festival 2012 – in the fields of ballet, contemporary dance, opera and musical singing, storytelling and piano.

Performing: Kateřina Beranová, Sunbee Hun, Martin Dvořák, Eran Gisin, Barbora Kohoutková, Leona Qaša Kvasnicová, Isira Makuloluwe, Milan Odstrčil, Richard Pohl, Lenka Růžičková, Barbora Voráčová a Marta Vašková

27. 7. 17h DBP (160/100Kč)


Gala of the participants of festival workshops (dance-opera-piano) under international teachers leading– Kateřina Beranová, Sunbee Hun, Eran Gisin, Barbora Kohoutková, Leona Qaša Kvasnicová, Isira Makuloluwe, Milan Odstrčil, Richard Pohl a Lenka Růžičková.

27. 7. 20 h DBP (180/120Kč)


2 festival searching projects of Eran Gisin (dance) and Barbora Voráčová (storytelling).



Isira Makuloluwe, a choreographer working on the route between Sri Lanka, France, England and Portugal, creates for domestic ProART Company to the music of a Czech composer Miloslav Ištvan.

Performing: Alena Pajasová a Martin Dvořák

Music: Miloslav Ištvan

Costumes: Jindra Rychlá

28. 7. 20h DBP (250/170/0Kč)

Liat Dror, Nir Ben Gal (IL) / Liat Dror Nir Ben Gal Dance Company (IL): UP CHI DOWN CHI

The new performance featuring 6 dancers and 4 street lights. The two choreographers once again started creating together after a period of separate works. The music is composed by the extremely talented musical genius Nicolas Jaar and costumes are made by a world known fashion designer Kedem Sasson who creates straight from his gut feelings. As a choreographer of shapes and patterns his work appears on stage as sculpted, asymmetrical, surprising games of fabric. Eliran Silver, who is taking part in the performance, is also responsible for lighting.

According to Far Eastern traditions, Chi is life energy, causing change, reproduction, movement. “Up Chi“ is the sound that we make when we sneeze and implies an uplifting of the Chi.

At the end of an activity, at the end of a holiday; as soon as the sun goes
down, we feel at times “DOWN“. A situation that makes us feel soulless, we are left empty. Before a party, before a meeting, in a spring morning, we feel "HIGH", the excitement, the curiosity, the joy elevates us.

And then, unexpectedly, a word, a departure, from what seems as a failure again we are shrouded by "down pulling down".

“Up chi down chi" touches the meeting point between the two and brings to us a different observation to "UP“ and “DOWN“, the road on which we climb and the road on which we descend.

The work allows us to accept them calmly and with maturity like two sides of a
mountain, as we stay put and the sun and the moon change places.

Choreography: Liat Dror, Nir Ben Gal

Music: Nicolas Jaar

Costumes: Sasson Kedem

Lights: Eliran Silver

Performing: Michal Arazi, Avital Ifergan, Shiri Bar On, Yael Rosenstein, Shiri Teicher, Oriya Reich