PROGRAM ProART Festival 2015

PRAGUE 26. 7. - 2. 8.


Dumb poets above the city. Roaring poetry of today.



  • Sun 26. 7. / 20:00 Ponec - 280/190/0 Kč

Martin Dvořák - ProART Company (CZ) / Olaf Reinecke - BO komplex (DE): Another JAN /Volume 2/

Liat Dror - Liat Dror Nir Ben Gal Dance Company (IL): WAY

Two-part dance theatre: Czech-German project in new music arrangement as an honour to the Mašín brothers, ideologically rising from the JAN choreography by Niro Ben Gala for the ProART Company. A new creation by the Israel ensemble is a result of a longtime stay at a dessert is about the search for simplicity in life, about the desire to find its own way in this world, without any prejudices about who and what is good or bad.


  • Mon 27. 7. / 20:00 NoD - 250/160/0 Kč

Hygin Delimat (PL/AT) - Michael Douglas Kollektiv (DE): SURFACE

Leonie Wahl (CH/AT) - orgAnic reVolt (AT): IDEM

Two-part dance evening: On one end Leonie Wahl struggles for a human memory with the minimum of resources, realising his own limits in emotions and corporeality. Hygin Delimat is on the other hand overwhelmed by the medium of architecture reflecting the social tendencies, by the topic of human superficiality as a symbol of a loss or missing identity.


  • Tue 28. 7. / 20:00 NoD - 230/150/0 Kč

Martin Dvořák (CZ/AT) - František Chaloupka (CZ) - Omar Rojas Ruiz (MEX/CZ) - ProART: POETS OF THE CITY

Multi-genre art Hommage to the silenced geniuses of Brno: to the composer Vítězslava Kaprálová and Ivan Blatný, a poet.


  • Wed 29. 7. / 16:00-17:00 HAMU – entrance fee voluntary

Jozef Vlk (SK): Theatre atelier of the ProART Festival / Final presentation

  • Thu 30. 7. / 10:00-11:00 HAMU – entrance fee voluntary

Hana Zanin (CZ/AT): Dance with and without a handicap / Final presentation

  • Thu 30. 7. / 20:00 NoD - 250/160/0 Kč

Emma Cianchi (IT): LUPI

Carlos Matos (PL/DE) - Tanzkompanie Landesbühnen Sachsen (DE): D.A.L.I.

Two-part dance evening: Differences between a human and an animal, tenstion between the instinct and a reason, directivity and spontaneity in a piece by an Italian choreographer Emma Cianchi. / A surreal world of the Spanish painter Salvador Dalí in colourful, dynamic, grotesque and poetic images of Carlos Matos, a Portuguese choreographer.

Lupi1 DALI2 DALI 3

Sat 1. 8. / 18:00-19:00 HAMU – entrance fee voluntary

Dumb poets above the city! Public presentation of the improvisation atelier of Jeongho Nam (KOR) and CZ-DE Choreographic masterclass of Nir De Volff (IL/DE)

2. 8. / 16:00-17:00 HAMU – entrance fee voluntary

Peter Serge Butko (CZ/SK) + Hynek Čermák (CZ): ProART Festival Theatre atelier / Final presentation



Ponec = Ponec - divadlo pro tanec, Husitská 899/24a Reservations: Sale:

NoD = Experimentální prostor Roxy - NoD, Dlouhá 33 Reservations: a 604 12 12 16

HAMU = Hudební a taneční fakulta HAMU, Malostranské náměstí 13