Workshops/Festival 2010

International Festival of Dance, Singing, Acting and Photography (workshops and performances)

ProART in collaboration with: ND Brno, CED, Divadlo Bolka Polívky, Městské divadlo Brno, DIFA JAMU, Dům umění / Divadlo Archa, Městská knihovna v Praze, HAMU, Dům dětí a mládeže Praha 6.

Dear art, dance and theatre fans,

It is almost unbelievable, but we have really managed, in this time of economic and cultural crisis, to organize the seventh year of the international multigenre festival. Those of you who have never heard of it can be astonished at the richness of its programme; however, those of you who have heard it can be astonished too. The number of pedagogues increased, the offer of courses was extended, more partners and co-organizers were found and more guests from abroad are coming this year. When we established the festival, we dreamt of its regularity. The fact that the seventh year is now about to take place is a great pleasure and satisfaction. Despite the fact that the realization is more and more difficult every year, not only from the economic point of view, but above all owing to society’s lack of interest in anything alternative, new (innovative), profound and non-profit, or non-commercial.

The purpose of this festival is to break down barriers between artists, to look for new possibilities, to learn, to give and most importantly to share a part of yourself with other people-artists. And this part of yourself should come from your inner world of dance, singing or photography.

28 pedagogues from twelve countries are going to participate at this year’s festival. New partners of the festival in Brno are the Divadelní fakulta JAMU and the Divadlo Bolka Polívky, in Prague the HAMU and the Divadlo Archa. The festival is divided into two parts – workshops, which take place during the day, and stage performances, which take place every night in theatres.

This year’s main innovation is the theme of the festival. It is – WOMAN – in any form. Cherchez la femme. During the festival you should look for and discover new forms of feminity inside and around you. And this also holds for the men even though they are rare, owing to the festival’s focus.

According to your last year’s responses and evaluations, we have tried to improve the quality of services during both the festival and the preparations. Now it’s only up to you to click on the festival application, choose from the offer of courses and send it to us. In May, we will inform you about the festival’s accompanying programme, so that you could in advance choose from a number of performances which are partly free for you – as many courses you pay, so many free entrances to theatre performances you have.

It is important to mention that for the first time in the history of this festival we didn’t raise the course fees, which is why we hope for a bigger demand and full courses. Don’t hesitate and apply. VII. Festival ProART 2010 starts with your clicking on the link Application form - Brno or Application Form - Prague.

Your ProART Team – Martin Dvořák, Alena Pajasová and Katka Boukalová

Brno 16. 7. – 23. 7.
National Theatre Brno, Theatre faculty of JAMU, Brno House of Arts, CED, Bolek Polívka Theatre, Brno City Theatre


Irene Bauer (A) – ballet, pilates
Henrik Kaalund (DK/D) – searching project
Petra Padriánová (CZ) - classical and neoclassical repertoir
Lenka Růžičková (CZ) – ance for children
Jana Ryšlavá (CZ) – dance for children and for non-dancers
Anna Schmidt (D) – contemporary – release
Matthias Sperling (CAN/GB) – contemporary – Cunningham-Limon-release, improvization
Vladislav Benito Šoltýs (SK) – yoga, contemporary floorwork
Eric Trottier (CAN/D) – modern repertory, partnering
Katka Vlniešková (SK) – modern – Limon

Radka Fišarová (CZ) – pop, musical

Igor Dostálek (CZ) end
Tomáš Pavčík (CZ) – commedia dell‘arte

Petr Francán (CZ)

Prague 25. 7. – 1. 8.
HAMU, Dům dětí a mládeže Praha 6, Archa Theatre, Municipal Library in Prague


Felix Dumeril (CH) – partnering
Miloš Galko (SK) – yoga, creative contemporary
Eran Gisin (IL/GB) – contemporary - Kibbutz
Silke Grabinger (A) – break dance, urban styles
Tereza Indráková (CZ) – dance for non dancers
Misato Inoue (JAP/CH) – modern – Limon, partnering
Eva Klimáčková (SK/F) – searching project
Lenka Kolářová (CZ) – taichi
Gregory Livingston (USA/D) – ballet, contemporary modern
Tereza Ondrová (CZ) – dance for children
Gabriel Wong (MAL/D) – contemporary floorwork

Kateřina Beranová (CZ/A) – opera masterclass
Radka Fišarová (CZ) – searching project – pop, musical

Lucie Ferenzová (CZ) – searching project

Paul Leclaire (D)


By filling in the application form you will be registered for the ProART Festival courses. We will send you a confirmation email. Possible questions or changes can be sorted out by phoning +420 737 300 314 or by e-mailing respektive