Searching project 2007 - Brno - AUREA

In the course of one week on the stage on Brno´s Hadivadlo we will create a project inspired by music of the Czech - German duet Aurea. This unique combination of female´s voice and sound of the wind instrument didgeridoo together with current electronic remixes became an inspiration to Martin Dvořák for the annual festival searching project, which is created in one week course together with the festival students, who are selected based on their artistic biography. Work on the so called searching project is very intensive and very creative, it lasts seven days. Project arises under the leadership of choreographic personality. This project is presented only once. This year´s opening should take place in Brno, and reprise in Prague. The point is to catch up a creative approach in young people and release their common fantasy. After a week of hard work about 30 minute choreography is presented on the stage, being partly dancing, partly theatre performance. Martin Dvořák has already introduced Rozhovory se samotou (2005, Brno) and ...jako v nebi (2006, Praha) searching projects.

Aurea: "With easiness Alena Leja and Ilja Sibbor cross over the thousand - year music tradition while flying around the world. Archaic wind instrument of the Abordzins´ accompanies the song of Hildegarda von Bingen, as if it was created for nothing else. Not traditionally, yet in sweet harmony the new and old world join together with old and new music, acoustic and digital world."

Aurea: "S lehkostí překračují Alena Leja a Ilja Sibbor tisíciletou hudební tradici a letí při tom kolem světa. Archaický dechový nástroj abordžinců doprovází píseň Hildegardy von Bingen, jako by tak byla stvořena už odjakživa. Netradičně a přesto velmi harmonicky se tu spojuje starý a nový svět, stará hudba a nová hudba, akustický a digitální svět."