Festival ProART 2010 / Report

International Festival of Dance, Singing, Acting and Photography ProART 2010

- was held for the sixth time in Brno (July 16 – 23, 2010) and for the seventh time in Prague (July 25 – August 1, 2010)

- attracted 111 participants of artistic workshops in Brno and hundreds of performance audience

- workshop trainees in Prague came in the number of 88 and the audience of evening performance also amounted to hundreds

- 22 artistic workshops took place in Brno and 18 in Prague

- the lessons were given by 25 instructors from 12 countries

- 13 instructors from 7 countries were teaching in Brno (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Canada, Great Britain and Denmark)

- 14 instructors coming from 8 countries were teaching in Prague (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland, Israel, Germany and USA)

- almost 200 workshop trainees came from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Russia and Germany

- the side events of the festival offered 18 (9 & 9) performances, concerts, gala evenings, improvisations and student presentations; their authors came from the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Russia and Switzerland

- for the first time the festival featured a single topic that permeated all performances – Woman in all her forms and shapes or Cherchez la femme

- with more than 500 fans, Facebook became a powerful medium for promotion and for conveying information about the festival

- the ProART team considers this year to be the most successful one in terms of artistic quality

Preparation and organisation of the festival was as demanding and stressing as any previous year, yet as usually the effort was definitely worth it. Despite the cultural and economic crisis our goal was to make the festival happen and to improve its quality in all respects. In Brno we stroke up cooperation with Bolek Polívka Theatre and with Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts, and in Prague with the Archa Theatre and Academy of Performing Arts. Setting up all these new links proved to be a felicitous move and the helpfulness and openness of our new partners towards future collaboration is a great encouragement for our prospective efforts.

The overall increase in the number of participants recorded in the past years came to an end and the curve turned back to a slight decrease, which brought us considerable financial problems, aggravated by a decrease of subsidies. In spite of that we managed to display 6 foreign performances and attract Iva Bittová as the main media guest (the concert of Bára Basiková was cancelled due to her illness). We believe that with the support from our fans and with the favour of cultural institutions we will manage to throw the ProART Festival 2011.

Your ProART Team – Martin Dvořák, Alena Pajasová and Katka Boukalová

Pedagogues in BRNO:

Irene Bauer (A) – ballet, pilates
Henrik Kaalund (DK/D) – dance searching project
Petra Padriánová (CZ) – classical and neoclassical repertoir
Jana Ryšlavá (CZ) – dance for children and for non-dancers
Anna Schmidt (D) – contemporary and release techniques
Matthias Sperling (CAN/GB) – contemporary – Cunningham-Limon-release, improvisation
Vladislav Benito Šoltýs (SK) – yoga, contemporary floorwork
Eric Trottier (CAN/D) – modern repertoir, partnering
Katka Vlniešková (SK) – modern techniques – Limon
Radka Fišarová (CZ) – pop, musical
Igor Dostálek (CZ) and Tomáš Pavčík (CZ) – commedia dell’arte
Petr Francán (CZ) – photography

Pedagogues in PRAGUE:

Felix Dumeril (CH) – partnering
Martin Dvořák (CZ) – yoga
Eran Gisin (IL/GB) – contemporary – Kibbutz
Jana Ryšlavá (CZ) – dance for non-dancers
Misato Inoue (JAP/CH) – modern – Limon, partnering
Eva Klimáčková (SK/F) – searching project - dance
Lenka Kolářová (CZ) – taichi
Gregory Livingston (USA/D) – ballet, contemporary modern
Gabriel Wong (MAL/D) – contemporary floorwork
Kateřina Beranová (CZ/A) – opera masterclass
Radka Fišarová (CZ) – searching project - pop, musical
Lucie Ferenzová (CZ) – searching project - agting
Hana Zanin (CZ/A) – dance with/without a handicap
Paul Leclaire (D) – photography

By filling in the application form you will be registered for the ProART Festival courses. We will send you a confirmation email. Possible questions or changes can be sorted out by phoning +420 737 300 314 or by e-mailing brno@proart-festival.cz or praha@proart-festival.cz.