Festival ProART Report 2009

The 6th Year of the ProART Festival ended with a great success. Its organizers have again taken it to the next level. Closer to the dancing Europe. 25 pedagogues from 9 countries from all over the world were teaching. Traditionally, different atmospheres of the cities of Prague and Brno well resonated, the weather was great, heat cooled off by rain, audiences were leaving the theatres with content, students and teachers were glowing with happiness over the results of their weekly work.

This year Brno reached its record with almost 120 participants. We noted a significant progress and interest from the Dance conservatory in Brno, which was offered several scholarships. Students fully profited from them and made a step forward in their dancing careers. Unfortunately, we are sorry to admit, that the interest in acting classes in Brno are continuously low. On the contrary, results in the opera classes are worth mentioning. Participants in the opera mister lessons of Katerina Beranova stepped out of their own shade. Their concert was fantastic. What a shame that so many dancers ignored it. And you call yourselves ProART?

Although Prague did not score any record, 90 participants of the courses is not a disgrace. On the opposite, we managed to bring on four international dance productions which to date is a maximum. „A lot of music for little money“, and we are sincerely grateful for that.

As well as during last year we performed together 18 performances of the so called associated program, 9 in Brno and 9 in Prague. Stage and auditorium of the Brno CED were packed to the last inch and we are already looking for a new – bigger- place. Yet, the atmosphere of the cellar premises is unrepeatable. We have initiated a pleasant cooperation with Brno theatre Barka. Traditionally, our practicing halls of the National Theatre, where the art workshops took place, were received with a great public acceptance. Thanks to highly professional and pleasant pedagogues the creative energy was fabulous and inspiring.

In Prague we are greatly appreciative for Dejvicke theatre premises – for us undisputable theatre of the year – and the Municipal Library. We can build on these two steady partnerships in future years. Number of ideas and impulses for improvement are already flowing in giving us the material for preparation of the 7th ProART Festival 2010.

Your ProART


Irene Bauer (A) – balet
Felix Dumeril (CH) – searching project
Miloš Galko (SK) – dance and motion theatre
Eran Gisin (IL) – contemporary Kibbutz
Mathieu Guilhaumon (F) – jazz
Nadia-Karine Hasa (F) – contemporary-modern
Tereza Indráková (CZ) – dance for children
Misato Inoue (JAP) – modern - Limon
Kaori Ito (JAP) – modern – Cunnigham, Horton
Lenka Kolářová (CZ) – taichi
Veronika Kotlíková (CZ) – dance for children
Eva Klimáčková (SK) – contact improvisation, contemporary
Vangelis Legakis (GR) – improvisation
Tereza Ondrová (CZ) – dance for children
Vladislav Benito Šoltýs (SK) – yoga, contemporary
Katarina Vlniešková (SK) – modern – Limon
Gabriel Wong (MAL) – searching project, floorwork
Attila Zanin (A) – hip-hop
Hana Zanin (CZ) – dance with and without handicap

Kateřina Beranová (CZ) – opera masterclasses
Eduard Klezla (CZ) – searching project pop

Ilona Bára Šumná a Jiří Hájek (CZ) – searching project
Jakub Zindulka (CZ) – acting lessons a searching project

Sejkot Roman (CZ) – fotoworkshop