Performances/Brno 2010

16. - 23. 7. 2010

CED – cellar stage of Goose on the String Theatre, Zelný trh 9
DBP –Bolek Polívka Theatre, Jakubské nám. 5

16. 7. 20h CED (200Kč/120Kč/free)

Lucie Ferenzová / ABOUT A LITTLE GIRL / Meet Factory, Prague
A stage adaptation of the book The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches by Gaétan Soucy. One early morning, right before the dawn, two brothers find out that their father had just – without prior warning – kicked the bucket. It’s starting to rain outside, the manor is plunging into the mud and there are no plywood panels for coffin in the shed, only the Just punishment. Someone’s gonna go to the village. Someone’s gonna figure out the issue of universe, too. A story about dark secrets, discovering the world beyond the father’s manor, and of realization that everything is different from what we have thought so far.

Direction: Lucie Ferenzová
Performing: Anita Krausová, Markéta Dvořáková, Kristýna Matějová and Jana Kozubková.

17. 7. 20h DBP (220Kč/140Kč/free)

Martin Dvořák / GISELLE: Revenge ("...because love is eternal.") / Company ProART
The immortal story of love beyond the grave. The modern version of a romantic ballet as a timeless dance-theatre drama for 5 characters loosely inspired by a book of Simon Mawer "The Glass Room" and the movie "Two Faces of a Woman" with Romy Schneider and Marcello Mastroianni in the leading roles. Parallels and differences in physical and metaphysical love, truth and lies, dreams and reality…Consequences of betrayal, jealousy, death and forgiveness. But even then it may be continued. Love is forever.

Direction and Choreography: Martin Dvořák
Music: A. CH. Adam a Patrick Pulsinger
Costumes: Jindra Rychlá
Stage: Martin Dvořák and Jindra Rychlá
Light design: Anna Marie Formánková a Filip Šamalík
Performing: Company ProART – Irene Bauer, Martin Dvořák, Lenka Kolářová, Petr Kolář and Mirka Prokešová

The performance is dedicated to the memory of Brno primaballerina Soňa Zejdová and her life role of Giselle.

18. 7. 20h DBP (220Kč /140Kč/free)

Šárka Ondrišová / APPLE / Elledanse, Bratislava (Slovakia)
A dance-theatre performance from one of the leading figures of Slovak contemporary dance theatre. Apple is an authorial synthesis of dance, music and spoken word, while using elements of physical theatre. The theme loosely follows the production of "Canto Hondo – A Deep Song About Her...". It observes particular aspects of the man and woman archetypes as reflected by psychology and mythology. It creates a cosmic puzzle of antitheses, a mosaic of apple scattered along the history of consciousness and unconsciousness. The guide of the six figures, staged in the present, in the antiquity and in the paradise, will be the Almighty himself.

Idea, Direction, Choreography: Šárka Ondrišová
Dramaturgy and Co-Direction: Lucia Blašková
Music: Jozef Vlk
Stage: Šárka Ondrišová and Marek Hollý
Costumes: Zuzana Hudeková
Performing: Csongor Kassai, Stanislava Vlčeková, Vladislav Šoltýs, Magdaléna Čaprdová, Emil Píš, Martina Lacová, Tomáš Nepšinský

19. 7. 20h CED (200Kč/120Kč)

Irena a Vojtěch Havlovi a ImProART
A traditional festival dance teachers meeting in improvised dance jam session. This year along with a respectable musical pair – Irena and Vojtěch Havlovi.

Performing: Henrik Kaalund (DK/D), Katka Vlniešková (SK), Anna Schmidt (D), Vladislav Benito Šoltýs (SK), Martin Dvořák (CZ) and Mirka Prokešová

20. 7. 20h CED (200Kč/120Kč/free)

Company ProART (CZ) / Romanov Dance (RUS): 1-2-3-4-SHORT PIECES
An evening of foreign choreographers - Kaori Ito (Island of no Memories), Vangelise Legakis (Sweet Sea Echos), Martin Dvořák (Mother Stood) and Ilja Romanov Romanova (Traces on Sand). Mother Stood – Dancing drama for a dancer-actress Irene Bauer, a solo dancer of The Ballet Linz. Giving a birth to a child not always brings the pleasant duties and euphoria. There are cases where mother "pays" for the happiness and joy. That is when we turn to something higher what exceeds us and brings salvation.
Island of no Memories – Alongside this world there’s another. This other world is called Isidora, and it’s as big as ours, and in many ways it’s exactly the same. But the major difference is that in Isidora no one can remember anything. It is the island of no memories.”
Traces on Sand – A duet from young Russian talented dancer and choreographer Ilya Romanov it is made on motives of the Story by Anton Chechov The Lady with the Dog.
Sweat Sea Echos - Do memories bring us where we are at present? How this present constructs an imaginable future worth living for?

Performing: Irene Bauer, Martin Dvořák, Mirka Prokešová, Petra Padriánová, Ilya Romanov, Olga Romanova and Marek Svobodník

21. 7. 20h DBP (240Kč/150Kč)

A gala evening of national and international personalities of contemporary dance and of the ProART festival pedagogues, presenting passages from their repertory.

Performing: Irene Bauer (A), Felix Dumeril (CH), Henrik Kaalund (DK/D), Petra Padriánová (CZ), Lenka Růžičková (CZ), Jana Ryšlavá (CZ), Katka Vlniešková (SK), Anna Schmidt (D), Vladislav Benito Šoltýs (SK), Eric Trottier (CDN/D), Matthias Sperling (CDN/GB),
special guest: Radka Fišarová (CZ)

22. 7. 20h DBP (240Kč/150Kč/free)

Henrik Kaalund / YOUR MOVE / dance searching project 2010
This year's searching project was led by Henrik Kaalund, an experienced dancer and choreographer based in Berlin. After several international engagements in major dance ensembles, he is now working as an independent choreographer mostly in Germany. During one week of an intensive working process, he acquainted the students of with a number of new dance, movement and choreographic techniques. Today, you have the unique opportunity to see the results of their work on the stage of Bolek Polívka Theatre.

Felix Dumeril / SCHATTENSPIEL / T 4 2 Dance Projects, Bern (CH)
"Shadow play" - is a humoresque about a small world of three bizarre characters, which spend their lives in a surreal world of an office. Here they live their dreams and hope to escape the grey and dull routine and stereotype. Are these images just a reflection of ideas, desires, dreams and projections of a contemporary mind, or are they the reality?

Concept: Misato Inoue a Félix Duméril Choreography: Félix Duméril (in co-operation with dancers) Dance: Misato Inoue, Michaël Pascault, Félix Duméril

23. 7. 17h DBP (160Kč/90Kč)

Gala evening of festival students in presentations of their one week work in the studios of:
Irene Bauer (A) – balet, Petra Padriánová (CZ) - classical and neoclassical repertoir, Lenka Růžičková (CZ) – tanec pro děti, Jana Ryšlavá (CZ) – tanec pro děti a pro netanečníky, Katka Vlniešková (SK) – modern – Limon, Anna Schmidt (D) – contemporary – release, Vladislav Benito Šoltýs (SK) – jóga, contemporary floorwork, Eric Trottier (CDN/D) – modern repertory, partnering, Matthias Sperling (CDN/GB) – contemporary – Cunningham-Limon-release, improvisation
Radka Fišarová (CZ) – pop, musical
Tomáš Pavčík (CZ) a Igor Dostálek (CZ) – commedia dell´arte
Petr Francán (CZ)

23. 7. 20h DBP (220Kč/140Kč/free)

Nikolas Adler / MALSTRÖM / Company ProART
Preview of the Austrian choreographer dance piece. Nikolas Adler is forming and living in Vienna. We’ll tell a common story. At the beginning there’s someone going. A woman sets off for a journey through the maze of her thoughts, through the spiral of the seen and the lived. "Maelström” is a sort of experiment, a pathology of memories.

Henrik Kaalund / DREA-ME / Video-Dance Solo, tančí: Anna Schmidt, Berlin (D)
DreaMe is about the interaction between reality and wish-reality. In DreaMe, the dancer on stage and the audience is confronted with an excess of information, like it is typical for the media-society of today. The piece reflects the individual consequences of this information overkill, frequently leading to escapist behavior. The escape into virtual worlds seems particularly tempting, since these seem to offer the possibility to take on other identities, providing you can use them to your advantage. Where one deals with the surplus of information and is able to differentiate between real and virtual, another fails and overloads. DreaMe oscillates between these two poles.

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