Performances 2004

10 performances on July 2004 in theatre Ponec

One part of the idea of the festival Dance Terezín was to interconnect different kinds of art and to destroy prejudice of one professional against another, that´s why we organised a special little festival as a supporting programm together with the summer workshops. Big thanks to the Dance Prague and its director - Mrs. Yvona Kreuzmannová who made the realization of 10 evening performances in the Ponec theatre possible.

19. 7. / On the blade of grass

The first evening was about dance and live music. In the improvized performance of the great dancers Lucia Klosová and Petr Opavský and the musicians Irena and Vojtěch Havlel we could see a perfect interplay of motion, music, ideas and fantasy. In the 70 minutes there was no dull moment. There are not too many artists here, who are capable of beeing a part of such a performance. This first-night evening was really worthy beginning of the festival.

20. 7. / Rapsody in black

In the second evening the teacher of the singing workshop of the Dance Terezín, who is very popular musician in the Czech rep., performed the concert programm with the Czech clarinet quartet. Perfect and deep-felt singing execution, join with the musical element, the best in its cathegory, was wanderful experience. The uniting element of the evening was the production of 30´s and 40´s, including Radka´s "predecessor" Edith Piaf.

21. 7. / About love...

Chansonier, actor and the acting teacher of our festival - Filip Sychra - prsented himself in his recital. The evening tuned on the chamber music - chansons and poems let the audience to dream romanticly and to listen - with smile on their faces - to the pleasant voice of the multitalented actor and singer.

22. 7. / Cabaret Caligula

The next evening, this time a theater one, featured students of acting from the art academy in Prague (DAMU) and they presented four one-act plays from their theatre series Bad evenings in the Caligula cabaret. Black humour of the play refered to brutality and violence of today´s world. Someone died in almost every scene, the audience laughed a lot. Creative and relaxing evening.

24. 7. / Improvization in space I.

The final evening of the first week of workshops.

25. 7. / Gabriel Lion 2004

The 12. replay of the profile-performance of the Dance Terezín took place on Sunday in front of a full auditorium. The performance had its premiére in Terezín and in fact the festival was organized because of it. More details about the project on

28. 7. / Evening seminar of singing with Bára Basiková and prof. Eduard Klezla

The first performance of the second festival week was the special singing seminar. Nearly noone missed the unique chance to see working versatile singer Bára Basiková and experienced teacher of singing prof. Eduard Klezla work. We believe it wasn´t the last time.

29. 7. / Unique chamber evening of Bára Basiková and her quests

The next evening dedicated to the concert of Bára Basiková and to discussion about her life. Amazing atmosphere and perfect singing performance are among the most unforgetable experiences of the festival.

30. 7. / Dance and theatre in the 21. century

All of the teachers of the dance Terezín are perfect artists and interesting persons. That´s why we invited them to the open chat about their teaching experience and their opinions about the evolution of the theatre and the place of art in today´s society. Interesting confrontation of opinions, comparison of the stage in CR and abroad and especially the extracts from the repertoire of the teachers of the festival got long and warm applause.

31. 7. / Improvisation in space II.

At the end of the six-day workshops all the participants had the opportunity to present what they had been working on on the stage. For some of them it was the first non-official meeting with the stage. The most important part of the festival was the possibility to get acquinted with the various art branches: dance, sing, and acting. For teachers as well this kind of comparison was very interesting. We were full of enthusiasm, we cheered for each other, fought our shyness and sadly said good bye after such a nice week.