Tereza Bečičková


Tereza Bečičková (Ženatá) has been singing since her childhood. As many children fond of music do, she sang in a choir for many years. She changed various rock bands with which she was singing wherever it was possible. From pubs, receptions, city celebrations, charity events, various festivals to prestigious music clubs.

She graduated from the Conservatory of Jaroslav Ježek (singing, prof. Alena Pařízková a Irena Budweiserová). From 2000 to 2003, she was a guest singer in Divadlo Semafor  thanks to which she fulfilled her big childhood dream. Meanwhile, she started with teaching activities. She has had among her students professional singers as well as adult beginners whom she gets successfully rid of their childhood complex about being bad singers.

In 2003, she founded with Tomáš Ludvíček a duo called T’N’T. (www.t-n-t.cz) which is difficult to categorize regarding the music genre. Between 2008 and 2011, she broadened her repertoire by lullabies and songs for children. Her favourite genre to sing is rock and roll, gospel, blues and jazz.

SINGING Searching project

Brno 20.7.-5.8.2012

Each of the lectors (Ondřej Izdný, Tereza Bečičková) comes from a different singing background, with different professional experience and their attitudes towards teaching singing are seemingly contradictory. Moreover, they do not even have the same taste in music. Nevertheless, Ondřej and Tereza are a good proof opposites can work together very well.

The workshop focuses on individual as well as group creative work with voice, melody, sound and harmony. It is centered not only on technique but also on expression and enhancing one´s self-confidence in terms of singing and creativity. The contents of the course depend on the participants: their levels and creativity.