Sunbee Han



Sunbee Han was born in Seoul, South Korea and is the 2009 winner of the Dong-A Dance Competition - the most prestigious dance competition in South Korea. Valedictorian of the Arts Faculty at Han Yang University in Seoul, she achieved a first class honours degree in Dance. In February 2013 Sunbee also completed her Masters in Dance specializing in Dance Film.
Having danced for four years for the renowned Garimda Dance Company in Seoul, Sunbee currently dances in London, with Henri Oguike Dance Company and in September 2013 will join Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company for the acclaimed choreographer's 25th Anniversary season.


Brno 19.7.-26.7.2013

Sunbee's Improvisation class is based on a sense of natural movement. It is basically a response of the body to a sensation of space. The class will open the dancer's awareness and sense of the body and the immediate creation of free movement in order to enter the process of improvisation.
The emphasis of the workshop will be based on:

1. Working with the senses
2. Find the details from a challenged body situation

3. The development of a sense of 'performing' while improvising.


Brno 19.7.-26.7.2013

Sunbee's Contemporary partnering workshop will continue from her improvisation workshop to question attitudes to touch and one's understanding of weight. It will explore communication between bodies and groups of bodies and by using tasks to influence decisions. She will encourage the dancer to explore weight-sensory dynamics and their relationship to the space occupied by the body by using metaphors from daily life experiences.