Stanislava Vlčeková


Independent Slovak choreographer, dancer and dance teacher. Graduate of Conservatory J.L.Bella in Banska Bystrica and dance music faculty of Performing Arts in Bratislava. She worked at Studio Dance Banska Bystrica, collaborated with several major domestic and foreign choreographers, she performed in several European countries. In Japan, obtained with dance group MY3 awarded by SAITANA International Dance 2002. In 2006 in Bratislava nominated for the Philip Morris Ballet Flower Award for 2005. She teaches at Slovakia and abroad, which focuses on contemporary dance technique and partnering withdancer Daniel Racek. Since 2011 teaches contemporary dance technique at the Department of Acting Performing Arts. As a choreographer, working on various theater productions and inter-genre-events. She currently works in DEBRIS company (she created for them the choreographies Soliloquy, Dolcissime Sirene, Ortopoetikum, Hexen, MONO (in collaboration with P.Jašek)). Works with company Elledanse. In 2009 she was awarded by TAOS: Dance Personality of the season / for Co-Create and interpretation of the role Eva-Aphrodite-Helena in performance Apple (elledanse) and a character created and interpreted for performance Hexen (Debris company). In 2012 received in the choreographic competition in Belgrade, Serbia for choreography Rose for the Balet Bratislava.


Praha 28.7.-4.8.2013

My classes of contemporary technique are focused on iniciation parts of body, where the body isrouted into physical extremity and surprising positions on the floor. I am focused on direction changesin the space, changes of body levels in the space, physical power of the body and dynamics asthe important part of movement. I´m fascinated in physical limitation of body possibilities offeringdiscovering new wals of movement combining. I use the floor work in context of arm support andaktive work of foot and the space, where all those elements are located.