Roman Sejkot

undefined was born 30. 10. 1963 in Vodňany, south Bohemia. He has studied grammar school in Strakonice /1977-1981/, the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics on Charles university /1981-1986/, the Faculty of Journalism on Charles university /1982-1984/ and on FAMU /1984-1988/.

He has been a photographer in press agency, a redactor of an editorial, a photographer and a picture redactor of daily and weekly newspaper. In 1991 he has graduated stay in a german agency JOKER. Since 1992 he has been working on his own.

He's attend to art, report and ad photo. In 1994 he won in the WORLD PRESS PHOTO competition the third place with a photo story about mentally affected swimmer. The story about sportsman in form of document and animated film gained in german Lipsko the award IG media. By the award KODAK EUROPEAN in 1995 was awarded his art acts in Arles, south France.


Brno 24. + 25.7.2013

Prague 30.+31.7. 2013

The two-day workshop is for a maximum of 12 participants, combines theory and practice. The first day there will be a short introductory lecture with discussion and then move on to the field. There are other workshops ProART festival to take a pictures, where dancing, singing and stage plays and theater. The course focuses on the motion-photography and theater-photography, which has specific conditions of stage lighting. Shoot will be on general rehearsals, (close and without disturbing the audience). Part of the course is also, discusion over participants images. Therefore please book also your evening among the days on the selection and editing your photos.

Roman has extensive experience in photographing dance and theatrical images and also with leadership workshops. Recommended is to check his web, specifically the section THEATRE . Theatre and dance also in 3D, as the only photographer in CR samples here. 3D photos presented at PQ 2011 in Prague, and last year in Paris - to see here