undefined Qaša is one of the famous Czech artists. As the dancer, teacher of her own style Street Funk and also as the choreographer. Apart from repertoire choreographies for her dance group IF, she has on her account a great number of choreographies for TV shows and the back-up of popular Czech singers.

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Brno 19. 7. - 26. 7. 2013

I base this style on street dance which is designed for anyone. Watching dance music videos, listening to black music and applying my creativity. I develop my own style. I like to get myself inspired by what´s new in hiphop, but I will always refer to the masters of funky music and dance styles. I have taken out a patent for the term "Streetfunk".



Brno 19. 7. - 26. 7. 2013

Dance style mixing elements of jazz and funk. Energetic music of various genres, dynamics of motion, stretching, strengthening as well as technical training. In all this you will still have fun!